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Love146 - UK Manager

Love146 takes a long-term perspective when it comes to accompanying trafficked children and you will be laying the foundations for its long-term growth in the UK with the aim of making Love146 the “go-to” charity for local authorities in the UK that need care for trafficking survivors. Your perseverance, thoughtfulness and willingness to learn will improve survivors’ lives, inspire your colleagues and bring confidence to others working with Love146.

Role Objectives

Love146 in the UK needs to be led into its next stage of growth. You will outline a strategy that will build upon the existing work and make Love146 the “go-to” charity for local authorities when they need care to be provided for trafficking survivors. This will mean building relationships with those authorities; generating income and funds to grow services; and bringing people working for Love146 in the UK into a cohesive team. Building long-term relationships to secure additional programmes will be the key to growing Love146 in the UK as it provides survivor care, prevention education, professional training and capacity building.

About you

Working at Love146 requires unusual combinations of skills. You have an entrepreneurial spirit—yet also understand local authorities: how to navigate through their processes and how to deliver the services they need. You are compassionate, yet also have the drive to show that Love146 can deliver the services that trafficked children need. You have an understanding for figures and know how to manage an organization and its activities in a business-like manner. You can keep trustees and employees up-to-date, interested and motivated, but most importantly; you know you don’t know it all. You have hope, you are thoughtful, you listen, you collaborate, you innovate and you persevere.


We expect you to be able to demonstrate that you:

  • have the business sense to grow the programmes, operations and resources of an organization;
  • understand local authorities and other players in the sector;
  • can communicate internally and externally, including with the media, partners and other stakeholders;
  • are thoughtful, innovative and always willing to learn;
  • have the compassion and perseverance to change the lives of trafficked children.