Seeking Leaders for Global Change

Population Services International - Senior Marketing Manager, Asia

We are looking for a skilled and dynamic marketing specialist dedicated to making markets work for the poor and vulnerable. The Regional Marketing Advisor will be the strategic lead for marketing in Asia at a moment of profound change and opportunity, supporting access to lifesaving products and services in more than ten countries.

About PSI

Population Services International (PSI) aims to make it easier for people in the developing world to be healthy and plan their families by marketing affordable health products and services, such as mosquito nets, condoms, HIV testing and more. PSI is a $640m enterprise based in Washington, DC that operates in the private and public sectors in more than 60 countries.

PSI’s Asia Region uses commercial sector marketing know-how to improve health systems in ten countries. We are looking for a skilled and dynamic marketing specialist dedicated to making markets work for the poor and vulnerable.We have an ambitious agenda that includes designing social enterprise models and working alongside national health systems to deliver products and services that transform lives. The Regional Marketing Advisor will be the strategic lead for marketing in Asia at a moment of profound change and opportunity. As part of the Asia Regional Technical Team the person will work closely with the Global Marketing Team.

About the Role

We are looking for a values-driven professional who is looking to make a positive social impact. Someone who believes commercial business and marketing approaches can help address health problems around the world. We are a dynamic team based in Washington, DC and around the world. We are adept at operating in a diffuse, resource-constrained environment to apply clear-eyed and cutting-edge marketing approaches that generate real improvements in the lives of those we serve. We add value through building and implementing marketing tools that take our country operations to the next level. We connect with our colleagues by driving changes that make their marketing and management decisions easier and better. We build confidence through building trust. And we try to fail fast – and learn from those failures. We don’t toil in an ivory tower.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Lead marketing strategy development and implementation for the Asia region.
  • Lead the social enterprise development agenda across PSI countries in Asia.
  • Lead efforts to design, launch, and scale regional brands in Asia.
  • Source manufacturers, negotiate regional partnerships and distribution agreements, and bring commercial discipline to supply chain management.
  • Invigorate PSI Asia’s marketing efforts by supporting the application of core marketing tools and processes for marketing planning and marketing decision making.
  • Bring advanced brand and category management thinking to existing and new portfolios of products and services to ensure increased uptake and use.
  • Instill rigor into our marketing planning to achieve sustainability using consistent P&L discipline to relevant products within our portfolio.
  • Increase data-driven decision making, resulting in better consumer and market insight as well as enhanced use of routine monitoring data.
  • Catalyze an evolution of our sales and distribution networks to be more cost-efficient and impactful.
  • Contribute to implementation of the Market Development Approach to systematically understand current health markets and design “quantum leap forward” programs.

Skills and Experience

“Street Cred.” You have 8+ years experience generating tangible results in the consumer or pharmaceutical marketing fields, including experience in a variety of resource-challenged settings.

Flexibility. You are a proactive leader who catalyzes innovation by influencing strategy and working through others.

Think big. You care about pressing issues, like improving the health of the world’s poor. Impact is a priority.

Humble. You realize what you don’t know is a lot more than what you know, and you don’t care who gets credit for real progress. You relish the challenge of driving change through persuasion and influence, not delegation.

Curious. You’re an information sponge and understand that what worked yesterday won’t necessarily work today (or tomorrow), that each context requires a new set of eyes.

Analytical. You know your way around a P&L, have a thorough knowledge of consumer and market research, and can speak in cost accounting terms.

Simplify. You quickly distil complexity to essential and simple concepts and approaches.

Full speed ahead. You balance thorough thinking with informed action, but realize the best learning is done through doing.

Communications ninja. You get your message across with style. You boil it down when clarity is key and embroider it when a sale hangs in the balance.