Seeking Leaders for Global Change

World YWCA - Deputy General Secretary

World YWCA is looking for a Deputy General Secretary, who will work closely with the General Secretary and the Lead of Young Women’s Engagement to guide the strategic transformation of the World YWCA movement and its member associations in line with the World YWCA Goal 2035 to mobilize 100 million empowered young women for social transformation.

About YWCA

Founded in 1855, the YWCA movement is one of the world’s largest women’s rights organizations.  The organization engages women of all faiths, ethnicities, classes, sexual orientation, beliefs, and cultures. YWCA’s diversity is its strength. Its work supports the empowerment of women, human rights, and gender equality. The organization has member associations in 109 countries, is present in over 120 countries and reaches 35 million people globally.

Throughout its history, YWCA galvanized young women in the fight for equality. Noting massive political, social, demographic and technological changes, the YWCA embarked on a transformative journey towards a bold goal of having 100 million young women and girls transforming power structures for gender equality, peace and security.

Responsibilities & Opportunities

The Deputy General Secretary of the World YWCA understands field programmes, empathizes with member associations working in different contexts—including some with limited resources—communicates with an audience that is denominationally, culturally, socially, economically and politically diverse. She must be a strong team player, fulfilled in the role as a deputy, have a passion for women's rights and young women's leadership and be a doer & organizer who demonstrates an unwavering commitment to World YWCA’s mission.

Specific roles will include:

  • Oversees and directs organizational transformation in operations, governance and knowledge management; as well as implementing improved processes, systems, and tools.
  • Leads a small team in the areas of strategic partnerships and resource mobilization, operations and organizational transformation, communications and governance & movement support.
  • Works with the General Secretary to ensure ongoing and regular leadership team meetings on young women’s engagement, finance, and the resource pipeline.
  • Coordinates the annual work planning, monitoring and review processes, and reporting.
  • Establishes the direction and process in governance transformation, “the case for change” in consultations with the General Secretary; the World YWCA movement; the World Board and its bodies.
  • Oversees the actualization of World Council 2019 and works closely with the lead of Young Women’s Engagement on the Young Women’s Leadership Forum at World Council.
  • Works closely with the General Secretary and the lead of Young Women’s Engagement on a strategy for the movement and related tools to reach the "100 million" goal to present to the World Council 2019.
  • Oversees and directs the transformation of the "Power to Change" re-granting programme to align with the 2035 goal and the transformation of the movement.
  • Identifies resource mobilization opportunities for the movement to fund unfunded services for World YWCA
  • Supervises the Communications Specialist in her cross-cutting work across the organization and website content.

Skills, Attributes and Experience

  • Operational leadership experience in a federation or membership-based organization.

  • Experience in co-leading, specifically through transformation/organizational change.

  • Experience in overseeing the set-up, implementation, and evaluation of programs. 

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Experience in building robust and effective relationships across different cultures. 

  • Experience in working at a women’s or child's rights organization.

  • Ability to project World YWCA's mission and accomplishments within and outside the movement.

  • Young women and candidates from the global South and East are encouraged to apply.