Written by Mission Talent Team

Eight things organisations can do to recruit for diversity

These days, it seems every organization has a plan: a 2020 vision or a 2030 Agenda. It all sounds so futuristic. The years tick by faster than we think, and as soon as we know it, it’s time to devise a new plan.  

But when we at Mission Talent look to the future, we want to see a goal for more diverse and representative leadership. Who are the leaders of 2030, and what are we doing right now to promote diversity in leadership?

Organizations must take responsibility for their diversity– and we as employees, partners and members of civil society– must hold them accountable for doing so. The excuses of the twentieth century are crumbling, now is the time to be courageous and forward-thinking.  

Here are eight ideas. We would also love to hear your thoughts via Twitter or LinkedIn comments.

1. Understand that diversity covers many things – ability, gender, race, nationality, economic status, language and more. Diverse leaders bring diverse perspectives.

2. Do a diversity audit at all levels of your organization: you might be surprised what you find.

3. Have uncomfortable conversations with colleagues. Take the time to understand what’s missing from your team and plan for the future.

4. Design recruitment processes that reach broader talent pools. A strategic process will help you reach more diverse candidates. Bring in experts to help you do that if necessary.

5. Take risks & invest. Don’t just hire the safe candidate or the insider – recruit people to challenge the status quo. Invest in employee training. Today’s junior hire is tomorrow’s leader.

6. Don’t tolerate discrimination and harassment anywhere; you lose great talent when people feel marginalized.

7. Give employees opportunities to fit work into their lives. Raising small children and caring for elderly parents are life phases. So are caring for one’s well being or pursuing further education. Employees who are given flexibility through these periods are likely to stay loyal.

8. One new diverse hire is undoubtedly a good step. But it’s the beginning of a journey, not the end. Build an onboarding plan that prepares the employee to succeed and provides her with ongoing support.