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What Mission Talent will do for you

You need exceptional people to fill the senior management positions at your organisation. But the best leaders are busy making a difference—not looking for job opportunities. We know how to find high calibre candidates and can spark their interest in your organisation.


Unlike many other global executive search firms, we conduct fresh, targeted research for every search we do. Good candidates will often leave their footprints. We know where to look—and what to look for.


Great leaders have changed sectors, worked in different countries and tried new things. Through our nonprofit executive search, we cast a wide net to find people with different skills and diverse backgrounds. 


We know people, we call them up and we ask them who they know. We have an extensive network of contacts in the international development and non-profit sector, and old-fashioned conversation within a trusted network is one of our most important resources.


We don’t give up. You might be looking for a rare specialist to do something particularly difficult.  You can be sure that we will keep looking until we find your candidate.


We keep our contacts up to date. We stay in touch with the best people and let them know when there is a position they should consider.


Managing a search process takes time and attention to detail, requiring additional capacity your team might not have available. We take the work off your hands so you can focus on achieving your goals.

Client Communication

We listen and we ask questions. The better the communication we have with a client, the more likely we are to find candidates that are the best fit.


Executive search is a delicate process. It is important to us that we treat clients and candidates with respect and confidentiality.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire an executive search specialist?

There are many reasons organizations choose to hire an outside search specialist. To put it simply, we can save you time and money. We aim to provide you with a selection of higher quality candidates than you would be able to find on your own and don’t rely on applicants. We can also approach candidates directly, acting as an intermediary for your organization. For searches that are high profile or politically sensitive, hiring an executive search consultant helps to preserve anonymity and confidentiality. Before CVs are on your desk, we conduct informal background checks, so that you know the people you are talking to are worth your time. We can also help you avoid the cost of operating with an unfilled opening.

What are Mission Talent’s fees?

Please contact us to discuss our fees. Our expertise comes from our network of consultants worldwide, rather than brick and mortar. This model serves our clients well by offering a truly global service while keeping costs low. Our billing typically occurs in three stages. Before we begin your search, we request an upfront fee or retainer that is a small percentage of the projected annual salary. After we submit our longlist, we issue our second invoice. When the search is complete, we invoice you for the balance of the full cost.

What is a retained search?

Retained search means that Mission Talent exclusively handles the recruitment process and ensures that all candidates are treated equally and are benchmarked in the same way. This even-handed approach is important for candidates—and for your employees—and can also be used to demonstrate a robust process for audit purposes.

How do we recruit our candidates?

For every search, we tailor a different research strategy using a variety of methods to identify candidates. We begin by analyzing your competitive landscape and we rely on trusted sources for recommendations. As a result of conducting hundreds of searches, we have a large institutional network and good knowledge across a range of sectors.

How long does a search take?

A search typically takes 8-10 weeks. We use this time to spread the word about the opening across our networks and set a reasonable deadline for candidates to confirm their interest. We generally conduct two interviews before we present our shortlist of candidates and narrative assessment to our clients.

Do you advertise?

Clients often prefer to use our targeted approach instead of paid advertising. We work with each client to determine if and what kind of paid advertising may be necessary.

What if you don’t find our ideal candidate?

Our clients often hire us because positions are hard to fill, requiring particular expertise and backgrounds. We are used to facing such challenges. We present high quality candidates to our clients until they are satisfied—even if it means extending the search process over months. It is rare that we do not find a candidate to fill a position.

Have you worked in my country, language or region before?

Almost certainly. Because great leaders have careers that span the globe, our work is not bound by borders. We have led searches on six continents and in over 62 different countries; from Brazil to Botswana, from Canada to Kenya, from the USA to Japan, from China to the Democratic Republic of Congo. While many of our candidates are expected to speak English, we also conduct searches in French, German and Spanish. See where we work.

How do you work with Boards of Directors?

Searches for Executive Directors reporting to Boards have special characteristics compared to other hires. When we work with Boards, we understand that we are relating to senior-level decision makers who are working on a voluntary basis and who often have busy schedules. We build a relationship of trust through one-on-one calls with every member of the selection panel. We prioritize clear communication and remain deeply engaged in every step of the process, providing the necessary advisory and administrative support until a final offer is accepted.