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Global Water Partnership Organisation - Chief Financial Officer

As Chief Financial Officer of the Global Water Partnership Organisation, you will oversee the global team’s financial management services which are a critical element of the network’s architecture. You will ensure that global and regional development partners from 180 countries are able to contribute financially and utilise transparent, auditable and reliable financial management processes. You are a highly experienced financial manager with excellent people skills and a passion for the mission of the GWP network.

About the Global Water Partnership Organisation

The Global Water Partnership (GWP) is a globally operating multi-stakeholder action network dedicated to working with countries towards the equitable, sustainable, and efficient management of water resources. The network is hosted by an inter-governmental organisation headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden and it comprises 3,000+ partner organisations in over 180 countries. Organized across 67 Country Water Partnerships (CWPs) and 13 Regional Water Partnerships (RWPs), GWP convenes, brokers and delivers coordinated action by government and non-government actors, including the private sector. GWP’s vision is a water-secure world. A long-time advocate for integrated water resources management, GWP draws on implementation experience at the local level and links it across the Network and to global development agendas.

The global team comprises a dynamic group of 35+ staff and consultants who work to support GWP’s Regional Water Partnerships, Country Water Partnerships, and institutional partners, as well as all of GWP’s stakeholders. The global team’s financial management services are a critical element of the Network’s architecture, working with 13 Finance Specialists in GWP’s Regional teams and Finance counterparts for 67 accredited Country Water Partnerships.

About the Role

The CFO will be part of GWP’s small but high-powered Finance, Human Resources & Administration Team that works towards sustaining, strengthening and building the financial management systems and practices across GWP’s network of partners.

The CFO role is critical in ensuring that global and regional development partners can contribute financially through GWP to activities on the ground while being able to trust in GWP’s transparent, auditable and reliable financial management practices and processes. Across the regional and country teams, the CFO will build excellence in financial management by combining capacity building with accreditation, and continuously investing in and sustaining good practice and knowledge-sharing across partner organisations. 

Purpose of the Role

The Chief Financial Officer will:

  • Ensure the effective and efficient operation of the day to day activities and processes of the Secretariat, covering Finance, and supporting Human Resources and Administration
  • Act for the Executive Secretary in her/his absence, as requested
  • Ensure the fiduciary control and financial oversight of GWPO
  • Be responsible for the development, maintenance, and control of all accounting, budget, cash management, and the financial reporting functions of GWPO
  • Be responsible for the preparation of annual audited financial reports as well as monthly/quarterly reports, statistics, and analysis necessary to support the effective financial management of GWPO
  • Evaluate and ensure professional and efficient performance of all activities relating to accounting, financial reporting, financial analysis, and internal control in accordance with international standards, the GWPO Financial Rules and Regulations and with all current internal Financial and Administrative Policies
  • Manage the work of the Finance & Admin team, provide advice and support to the team members
  • Maintain cooperation and contacts with donors on matters relating to contracts, contributions, and financial reports
  • Provide oversight of all human resources matters and be responsible for matters related to payment of salaries and allowances, ensure adequate staff insurances and pension contribution as set out in the Staff Rules and Regulations and Administrative Instructions
  • Work proactively with the Executive Secretary, the Chief Operations Officer, and the Chief Communications Specialist on the GWP Management Team in order to ensure the smooth and effective functioning of the GWPO Secretariat
  • Actively contribute to building a learning culture within GWPO by modelling good learning practices and supporting others in doing so

Duties and Responsibilities

 1. Financial Operations

  • Keep the Executive Secretary abreast of the financial situation, including pledged and actual contributions, as well as actual and forecasted expenditures.
  • Oversee financial operations, including year-end audit, budgetary control, and commitment procedures, to ensure that GWPO´s interests are protected.
  • Coordinate all financial functions and matters including accounting, treasury, financial reporting, internal control, ensuring high-quality outputs.
  • Monitor income and cash flow in multiple currencies and authorise necessary transfers.
  • Develop and maintain well-functioning cash flow and payment system within GWPO.
  • Liaise with and provide information to the GWPO bank contacts.
  • Compile the annual budget for the GWP and monitor and analyse variances between the approved budget and actual expenditures.
  • Oversee the implementation of financial budgeting and forecasting while optimising available resources.
  • Initiate and monitor the audits of GWPO.
  • Liaise with the GWPO auditors on the planning and preparation for the annual and intermediate audits.
  • Oversee the execution of required audits in the Network.
  • Develop, implement and regularly review internal financial procedures and policies.
  • Monitor, maintain, and develop as required the Financial Management System and ensure optimal usage.
  • Liaises as required with all other units within GWPO to ensure consistency and understanding of all relevant financial processes, including the procurement process.
  • Advice on and review supplier contracts.

2. Network

  • Participate in the evaluation of new as well as existing Host Institutions.
  • Assist RWPs and CWPs in the establishment of legal entities and self-hosting upon request.
  • Ensure consistency of application and understanding of relevant finance processes in the RWPs and ensure that when guidance is sought, advice and support are provided
  • Maintain and develop as required Financial Rules and Regulations.
  • Assist the Network Officers with finance-related capacity building activities for the Regional Secretariats and initiate financial training and internal audits as appropriate
  • Support and advise the Network Officers on financial, procurement, and contractual matters.

3. Human Resources Management

  • Provide advice and guidance concerning the implementation of the Staff Rules and Regulations of GWPO.
  • Oversee the work of any human resources consultants brought in to assist with areas of human resources management, such as performance assessment process, recruitment, or internal training.
  • Be responsible for issuing new employment contracts.
  • Oversee the maintenance of updated and confidential personnel files.
  • Maintain all aspects of the Finance and Admin Unit by planning resources, directing personnel, and implementing finance-related policies, procedures, and systems.
  • Manage all Team members to effectively set objectives, evaluate, motivate, guide, and support.
  • Hold performance development discussions with the staff on a regular basis.
  • Contribute to performance evaluations of other staff in Secretariat upon request.
  • Keep updated, by the Executive Secretary approved, records of salaries and other benefits, and quality control any salary/benefit payment.
  • Ensure that insurance/pensions providers receive updated information on staff/staff salaries.
  • Carry out a regular market comparison of providers of life/health/travel insurances.

4. Management Team

  • Work proactively with the Executive Secretary, the Chief Operations Officer, and the Chief Communications Specialist on the GWP Management Team to advise and assist with the issuing of financial partner contracts, negotiations of Host Institute agreements, recruitment of staff.
  • Provide oversight and support on, financial and contractual matters for GWPO as well as with the RWPs and their Host Institutions.
  • Review funding applications for the regional, country, and programmatic activities and ensure that initiatives are in line with GWP financial requirements.
  • Prepare for the Steering Committee, the Consulting Partners, the Sponsoring Partners, and the Financial Partners Group meetings, and follow up actions agreed at those meetings as needed.
  • Liaise with the Chair of the Audit and Finance Subcommittee and participate as Secretary in the Audit and Finance Subcommittee´s meetings.
  • Support GWPO fundraising by monitoring the terms of agreements with donors financially supporting GWP, and establish and maintain cooperation and contacts with them on matters relating to contributions and financial reports.
  • Ensure that the management of the GWPO Secretariat supports a productive and transparent work environment. 

5. Administration

  • Arrange for an adequate, well-functioning, and cost-effective work environment including appropriate equipment, service arrangements, and insurances (excluding IT related equipment and copy machines).
  • Support the office service function in liaison with the GWPO provider of travel services to ensure optimal travel arrangements in line with GWPO's interest, and ensure GWPO has an updated and consistent Travel Policy.
  • Provide user-friendly and sound administrative tools, templates, procedures, and policies.
  • Other duties as requested by the Executive Secretary.

Skills and Experience

  • University degree in accounting, finance, business administration or management.
  • At least fifteen years of working experience in the private or public sector, with a focus on accounting or finance.
  • At least five years of experience of working in a leadership role in a finance/accounting context, leading teams or units, ideally in a networked context, with the proven supervisory ability and technical leadership.
  • Audit experience an advantage, CFA an advantage.
  • Demonstrated strategic and creative thinking.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and integrity, including excellent communication and negotiation skills.
  • Capacity to address and deliver training to an international audience.
  • Proven supervisory ability and technical leadership.
  • Experience from developing countries or international environment an advantage.
  • Conscientious, socially skilled, and service-minded attitude as well as high attention to detail and numerical accuracy.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English. Working knowledge of Swedish/Spanish/French and other languages are considered an asset.