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Legacy Landscapes Fund - Executive Director

The Legacy Landscapes Fund is a new initiative safeguarding outstanding biodiversity areas in the Global South. The Fund will promote professional partnerships with protected area authorities, local communities and experienced NGOs to ensure efficient and impact-oriented management of important global biodiversity areas. As Executive Director, you will work closely with the Board to build the portfolio to up to 30 global landscapes by 2030. You will establish long-term partnerships with key stakeholders at a local and international level, while overseeing and implementing a new financing mechanism to support the protection and monitoring of protected biodiversity areas.

About Legacy Landscapes Fund

The Legacy Landscapes Fund (LLF) aims to make a significant contribution to the conservation of global biological diversity through an innovative approach. Under the legal form of a charitable foundation with public and private funds, the LLF will provide secured long-term to permanent core funding for globally essential biodiversity areas, that is Legacy Landscapes, in partner countries of the Global South. To ensure efficient and impact-oriented management of Legacy Landscapes, the LLF will promote professional partnerships with protected area authorities, local communities and experienced NGOs. These partnerships will strive to manage the Legacy Landscapes for improving conservation of biological diversity, while at the same time securing the rights of the local populations and their livelihoods. 

About the Role

The Executive Director will lead and continue the growth of the LLF, which will be officially established as a charitable foundation under German law by the end of 2020. With the guidance of an experienced and engaged Supervisory Board, you will manage the organisation across LLF’s programmes, finances, communications, operations, and strategic objectives. You will lead, inspire and motivate the whole foundation with a strong sense of confidence. 

In this regard, you will adapt to complex and changing situations facing the LLF. The strategic direction of this pilot financing partnership is established with the objective to secure core financing of USD one million per year for 15 years for up to 30 so-called Legacy Landscapes, with the goal to establish permanent endowment funds for each landscape.

Initially, LLF Staff will comprise the Director and a deputy, with separate bookkeeping and back-office support.  The staff will expand gradually as the fund’s capital and portfolio grow.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Oversee a programme of direct assistance and the building up of a foundation portfolio for up to 30  globally significant protected areas and their peripheral zones by 2030 in various ODA partner countries of the Global South and support their operations and technical assistance programmes to develop local capacity.
  • Work closely with colleagues in the Board of Directors and in cooperation with the community of practice to:
    • Further develop the strategic direction of the LLF and its implementation. 
    • Evaluate project concepts and proposals on the allocation of grants to the project partners of the Legacy Landscapes.
    • Organise a continuous dialogue on LLF policies, strategies and experiences in biodiversity conservation.
  • Monitor the implementation of the selected projects according to agreed proposals and grant agreements, thus promoting the quality of implementation while monitoring and overseeing their effectiveness, sustainability, and impact.
  • Monitor the contribution of projects to the attainment of the agreed overall LLF objectives and the defined programme indicators.
  • With the support of the Supervisory Board, continue LLF’s work to acquire new funds to support its mission:
    • Fundraising of philanthropic and other international public and private financial contributions to the LLF
    • Expansion of the foundation to include partners from the business community, the public sector and other countries
    • Develop innovative private-public approaches for the sustainable financing of Legacy Landscapes and support partnerships in implementing respective financing potentials
    • Expanding the long-term endowment for the LLF
  • Manage (together with the responsible staff members) the day to day operations of the fund, including: 
    • Financial management, budgeting and planning, including assurance of annual audits, risk management, and reporting as a foundation and to donors; 
    • Recruiting and managing staff and consultants; 
    • Development of policies and procedures for the foundation, including in respect of procurement and compliance with relevant legal requirements (foundation law, labour law, money laundering, environmental and social safeguards, etc.) 
  • Support the Supervisory Board in the investment and management of the foundation capital, including the development of an investment strategy, as well as the selection of an asset manager and an adviser.
  • Exchange regularly with and report to the Board of Directors, organise regular Board of Directors meetings, and prepare all relevant documentation.
  • Promote the positioning of the LLF as a bold global public-private financing mechanism and represent the foundation towards third parties, especially the supporters of the LLF.
  • Ensure effective communication about LLF’s work to the public and the media to build its positive reputation, including adequate representation at international conferences/ events, etc.
  • Build and maintain relationships with all existing donors, ensure that contributions are properly communicated, and ensure that donors are furnished with all information necessary to assess the use of their funds, as preparing LLF reports (financial, progress, operational plan, etc.) for donors and relevant authorities.

Skills and Experience

Leadership Skills

  • Hands-on, action-oriented leadership skills with experience in leading small multicultural teams
  • A track record of motivating staff and implementing clear guidelines and decisions
  • Experience in developing and delivering programmes

Financial Management

  • A strong track record in overseeing finances, including budget oversight and allocation, as well as risk management and impact evaluation
  • Experience drafting and submitting technical and financial reports


  • A track record in implementing and managing strategy with internal and external objectives
  • Experience formulating impact and key performance indicators, as well as using data points to strengthen the organisation’s development through objective evaluations
  • Experience in influencing key stakeholders, both internally and externally

Communication Skills

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, including exceptional negotiation and advocacy skills
  • Fluency in English, written and spoken
  • Outstanding ability to express ideas, recognise opportunities and communicate goals and objectives clearly
  • Diplomacy and representation skills and the ability to represent the foundation with high-level decision-makers from the public and private sectors
  • Experience in adapting communication style to different audiences and stakeholders, such as donors, government, local partners and Board members
  • Experience in the formulation of objectives, standards and procedures
  • Experience in writing reports

Interpersonal Skills and Commitment

  • Strong network in the political arena, as well as in the respective scientific communities 
  • Strong sense of self-confidence, resilience and experience adapting to complex and changing situations
  • An energetic, intrinsically motivated individual who acts with discipline and integrity that drives the organisation
  • A track record in building strong and long-lasting relationships with multicultural internal and external stakeholders with different backgrounds
  • Experience bringing various stakeholders together to achieve a defined goal
  • A passion for international development, nature and conservation of biodiversity 
  • Willingness to travel



  • MBA or MSc in Economics, Law, International Relations, Development Policy, Nature Conservation, or other relevant areas of expertise or comparable training
  • Experience in nature conservation and/or international development (cooperation) 
  • At least seven years of organisation/project management experience, including budget management


  • Experience in direct cooperation with government institutions, international finance institutions, as well as the private sector and philanthropic foundations/donors  
  • Fluent in English and German. Knowledge of a third international language is an advantage