Seeking Leaders for Global Change

Small Acts and Gestures

Escrito por Spencer Hamilton

Kris Torgeson, who Mission Talent placed as the first ever Global CEO at Lifebox, said in a recent interview that “no matter how big or how small the organisation or crisis, the humanitarian act is still about one person helping another.”

This reminded me of a moment’s reflection that I had over Christmas. I was unpacking some decorations with my children, including some my mother used before her death 10 years ago. I came across a small box of Oxfam candles that reminded me of her preference for buying things from charity shops wherever possible. She didn't think she was changing the world, but just doing the right thing in a small town in rural England.

In a world where so many problems seem so large and so insurmountable I see a link between Kris's comment and my mother's actions. None of us can change the world alone, but millions of us doing the small things that we are capable of; whether it is doing surgery by Lamplight, teaching a new language to a refugee—or simply buying trinkets in a charity shop; millions of small acts and gestures can and do add up to big differences.

Spencer Hamilton, Principal Consultant