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Our clients have exclusively retained Mission Talent to undertake these searches on their behalf. Guidelines on how to apply are in each role.

Head of Risk Management

About Kamara

Kamara is a social enterprise that provides security management strategies, investigative capacities and advisory solutions to social impact actors.  Kamara offers practical, implementable and fit-for-purpose solutions grounded in strong operational in-field experience in high-risk territories to advance social good.

Kamara, meaning “safe house” in ancient Greek, was born out of the need to make specialised human rights protocol in risk management, investigations and strategies accessible to more organisations who endeavour to achieve positive social change. Kamara supports human rights organisations ranging from labour rights to environmental defenders, NGOs and their donors.   

Kamara was founded by Oren Yakobovich, former CEO of Videre Est Credere, to provide more organisations endeavouring to achieve positive social change with access to expertise and support that will improve their holistic security and ultimately their ability to achieve their vision.

Purpose of the Role

The Head of Risk Management will develop a risk management programme curriculum for supporting client organisations. The role holder will serve as a sounding board to carefully listen and analyse the different contexts of partner organisations in order to offer guidance through devising and delivering workshops and trainings, both virtual and in-person.

As part of their responsibilities, the Head of Risk Management will be committed to tailoring training and advising approaches around concepts that aim to build capacity at a local level and propose and support sustainable solutions.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Create and review holistic and tailored security risk management frameworks
  • Research and perform context analysis of stakeholders on the ground
  • Conduct stakeholder risks and threat mapping
  • Facilitate workshops, both virtual and in-person, to support the implementation of the  proposed mitigation measures
  • Build from existing organisational and individual knowledge to devise and deliver security management plans and protocols
  • Further develop risk management curriculum and training modules
  • Oversee and support our external consultants in the delivery of our risk management programmes
  • Support our local partners and coordinators on capacity-building
  • Foster and support our local networks

Skills and Experience

  • Minimum three years of practical operational experience of risk mitigation and assessment
  • The ability to adapt risk mitigation strategies to different contexts and realities on the ground, as well as for a diverse range of partners
  • Multicultural and gender awareness and sensitivity, experience working with culturally diverse stakeholders 
  • Fluency in English, both written and spoken
  • Ability to work across multiple time zones, from SE Asia to LATAM
  • Ability to travel when pandemic restrictions are suitable