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Mighty Earth

Climate Campaign Director – Brazil

About Mighty Earth

Mighty Earth is a global advocacy organization working to defend the living planet. They are obsessed with impact. Their goal is to protect half of Earth’s nature and secure a climate that allows life to flourish. They aspire to be the most effective environmental organization in the world.

Through their proven “perfect storm” model of driving change, they have played a leading role in persuading the world’s largest food and agriculture companies to act against deforestation, land-grabbing, human rights abuse, and driven the adoption of multi-billion-dollar shifts to clean energy. Through these efforts, they work to support Indigenous communities, communities of color, and low-income communities.

About the Role

Mighty Earth is accepting applications for a Brazil-based Climate Campaign Director for their campaign to transform the global protein industry and advance nature and community solutions to climate change. Animal agriculture drives more climate pollution than all the cars, trucks, ships, and planes in the world. It is the leading cause of rainforest destruction and water pollution and a key contributor to the displacement of Indigenous communities.

Building on their success in transforming other agricultural sectors, Mighty Earth is working to break the link between the meat industry and deforestation, drive a shift to regenerative agriculture, and support growth in alternative plant-based and cultivated protein. As a global powerhouse of agricultural production, Brazil has the potential to be the decisive player in shaping a new, more sustainable protein industry. However, large international companies operating in Brazil are undermining these goals by financing deforestation and land grabs and obstructing climate action. They aim to change that.

If you are passionate about nature and climate change, want to transform global agriculture to create a more sustainable food system, and work at a nimble and high-impact organization, please apply.

Purpose of the Role

Brazil has outsized potential in protecting forests and driving action to transform global agriculture to create a more sustainable food system. This country is an agricultural superpower and the center of the world’s deforestation crisis. Brazil has three times more annual deforestation than any other country, driven mainly by the meat industry and extremely high pollution levels linked to its cattle herd and animal feed plantations. Land-grabbing connected to the meat industry is threatening Brazil’s Indigenous people, who have repeatedly proven to be the most effective guardians of their lands.  International supermarket chains and fast-food companies operating in Brazil are the largest sellers of beef and have the influence to drive global change. Mighty Earth seeks to significantly scale up a combined communications and grassroots campaign focused on some of the largest international companies operating in Brazil responsible for deforestation, climate pollution, and displacement of Indigenous peoples.   

As the Climate Campaign Director, Brazil, you will build and lead our campaigning in the country in coordination with our global team. Your work will design campaigns that persuade corporations, financial institutions and government officials to implement strong zero-deforestation, environmental and human rights policies.  

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Play a critical role in an international campaign to transform the meat industry to end deforestation in Latin America, adopt regenerative agricultural practices, and shift to plant-based protein. 
  • Develop and implement effective plans and strategies to achieve campaign goals, integrating communications, online, field and grassroots into a highly strategic campaign.
  • Engage with senior executives and government officials.
  • Build relationships with civil society and other key constituencies in Brazil.
  • Identify and provide grants to Brazilian civil society and Indigenous communities.
  • Recruit volunteers and develop leadership to help build the campaign across Brazil.
  • Organize campaign actions and press events. 
  • Generate media attention through report releases, events, and press conferences in key media markets through a strategic media plan.
  • Build relationships with reporters at key outlets. 

Skills and Experience

Required qualifications:

  • You have a proven background in issue advocacy campaigning or grassroots organizing.
  • You are passionate about protecting the environment and advancing a more just society. 
  • You have experience developing and implementing campaign strategies and detailed plans, communicating with corporate executives and/or elected officials, and figuring out how to move decision-makers. 
  • You are comfortable operating in highly dynamic environments where changes in politics, economics, and other external events regularly create opportunities and challenges. 
  • You are comfortable working with various internal and external stakeholders and can network and build coalitions across diverse constituencies.
  • You are a good writer and can take complex information to distil it into understandable products such as press releases, reports, and letters.
  • You have an international orientation. You have experience with and are committed to working with people from various backgrounds, including ethnic, racial, sexual and religious communities. 
  • Portuguese fluency and English proficiency are required. 

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Additional language skills, including Spanish, French, German, or Chinese, are a plus but not required. 
  • Expertise in climate, deforestation, Indigenous communities, sustainability, traceability, or agricultural (especially beef and soy) issues is a plus but not required.

Organizational culture 

Consistent with their obsession with impact, Mighty Earth is results-focused, entrepreneurial, collaborative, and nimble – and they seek candidates who are excited to work in that culture. While remaining true to their public interest mission and commitment to movement-building, they’ve sought to apply the best of business to our organization. A resource that has informed our approach to culture is the book No Rules Rules and the famous Netflix culture deck.

Mighty Earth is an equal opportunity employer; we strictly prohibit discrimination against any employee or applicant on the basis of race, creed, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, sexual orientation, disability, gender identity or expression and any other characteristic protected by law. They pride themselves on being a welcoming place for women, people of color, members of the LGBTQ community, parents, empty-nesters, and more.