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Our open searches

Our clients have exclusively retained Mission Talent to undertake these searches on their behalf. Guidelines on how to apply are in each role.

Vice President of Programs

myAgro’s mission is to move smallholder farmers out of poverty. The next chapter is one of rapid growth and you will play a key role in giving tens of thousands of farmers the opportunity to use their mobile phones to pay for quality seeds, fertilizer, and training. Reporting to the founder, you have a start-up mentality and will prepare the organization to double the number of farmers served each year. The organization’s growth will be underpinned by your business operations knowledge, your ability to mentor Country Directors and your sales know-how.

About myAgro

myAgro is an award-winning non-profit social enterprise based in West Africa. They have pioneered a mobile savings model that allows farmers to invest their own funds in high-quality seed, fertilizer, and agricultural training to increase their harvest and income by 50-100%. Their aim is to help one million farmers increase their incomes by $1.50 per day by 2025 and lift themselves out of poverty.

About you

  • You have a good understanding of the sales process (ideally with some background in social entrepreneurship), are capable of preparing the organization for scale and developing a growth strategy that will see the number of farmers served doubling each year.
  • You are a hands-on leader; able to mentor, coach and support Country Directors.
  • You understand business operations and can create systems to support the organization’s growth.
  • You’re able to fit into a fast-paced culture; adapting and contributing to the rapidly-changing day-to-day demands of the organization.
  • You have regional or multi-country experience managing operations in Africa, with knowledge of agriculture being an advantage.

Main Purpose of the Role

myAgro seeks a dynamic, experienced leader who can oversee our core field operations, managing rapid growth and driving the team and organization to high impact, cost-efficient results. You will be a member of the Executive Team and will report directly to the CEO with responsibility for continuing the expansion of myAgro’s work with farmers in Senegal and Mali, as well as new geographies. myAgro has proven the effectiveness of our model in these countries, and now it is time to drive dramatic scale.

You will be responsible for designing and executing as myAgro scales up. You will oversee large teams of local and international staff, be responsible for executing to budgets – but will also have the freedom to innovate and develop new approaches to increase efficiency and impact. You will be working with a group of seasoned, savvy country directors and will collaborate closely to ensure they are successful.

You can manage large, diverse team and achieve targets while remaining within budget and making a difference in the lives of farmers. You know how to implement programs, ideally related to agriculture in resource-poor environments.

Main Responsibilities

Program implementation

  • Develop annual operating plan to achieve myAgro’s goals for core operations in Mali and Senegal
  • Set targets and milestones and measure and report performance against them
  • Collaborate to set long-term strategy
  • Support myAgro program expansion into additional countries in Africa
  • Identify approaches and processes to improve cost-effectiveness and impact of programs
  • Work with the program team to develop and evaluate new products and services to increase farmer participation, revenue and impact
  • Manage M&E to continually improve myAgro’s model and impact

Financial management

  • Own the budget for core operations in Mali and Senegal, and manage operations within budget
  • Understand the key financial drivers of operations and key financial results required by stakeholders (farmers, donors, management, Board)
  • Work with the finance team to develop the budget and measure and report financial performance
  • Ensure compliance with national and local financial management standards and tax and audit requirements

Organizational and team leadership

  • Provide strong strategic leadership for the team
  • Translate strategic goals into tactics to help staff understand their roles and responsibilities
  • Manage team of 300 local and 30 international staff to deliver consistent, high-quality results
  • Support the professional development and retention of the team
  • Cultivate the values and culture of myAgro throughout the organization
  • Assist with fundraising – preparing reports, hosting funder visits, and being a storyteller for the organization


  • English and French proficiency required
  • Graduate degree strongly preferred

Additionally, you should possess:

  • Passion for myAgro and our mission – the needs and realities of the farmers they serve are their top priority
  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills (both written and verbal)
  • Organized and an efficient work style – able to deal with farmers, team members, partners and donors
  • Creative problem-solving skills for working effectively in a challenging and resource-constrained environment
  • Comfortable making decisions in the face of ambiguity and working in a fast-paced, high demand environment in a developing country
  • Flexibility, a sense of humor, an open mind, and a diligent work ethic are necessary for success