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Better Cotton Initiative

Country Manager

About Better Cotton Initiative

Cotton is one of the most important and widely grown crops in the world, and with more than 90% of cotton farmers living in developing countries, cotton production is fundamental to the livelihoods of millions of poor farmers and workers. However, current cotton growing methods need to change as they are placing unsustainable levels of stress on the environment and the people who produce it. Change means using fewer pesticides, managing water more efficiently, improving soil health and bio-diversity, enhancing fibre quality, and improving the welfare of farm workers.

BCI exists to make global cotton production better for the people who produce it, better for the environment it grows in and better for the sector’s future.
BCI works with a diverse range of stakeholders to promote measurable and continuing improvements for the environment, farming communities and the economies of cotton-producing areas. BCI aims to transform cotton production worldwide by developing Better Cotton as a sustainable mainstream commodity.

BCI’s specific aims are to:

  • Reduce the environmental impact of cotton production;
  • Improve livelihoods and economic development in cotton producing areas;
  • Ensure the credibility and sustainability of the Better Cotton Initiative.

Mission Talent has been tasked by Better Cotton Initiative with providing an exclusive search for the position of Country Manager

Purpose of the Role

  • The BCI Pakistan Manager is responsible for developing and overseeing the implementation of the BCI Pakistan Country Plan that will lead to a strong recognition of Better Cotton amongst national stakeholders and a significant scale up in the volume of Better Cotton being produced and pulled through the supply chain. This will involve increasing the number of farmers BCI works with via the recruitment and management of high quality Implementing Partners (IPs) and innovative partnerships;
  • The Pakistan Manager will work closely with the Programme Director to take responsibility for leading BCI’s work in Pakistan, via the coordination and delivery of a Country Plan and building effective working relationships with Implementing Partners as well as securing and managing new partnerships with government and private sector stakeholders, in ways that support the BCI 2013-2015 Strategic Plan.

Major Duties and Responsibilities 

Strategic Accountability

  • To lead on the development and implementation of the Pakistan Country Plan, in collaboration with other BCI Country Managers and the BCI leadership team, to enable delivery of BCI’s global strategy and goals; 
  • To establish and deliver, in cooperation with the Programme Director and key strategic partners, a national embedding strategy that ensures financial viability of BCI in Pakistan and national ownership of Better Cotton; 
  • To oversee and strengthen the network of Implementing Partners within Pakistan, with support from the Programme Director and Pakistan country office, to ensure partners meet their obligations and are recognised for their success;
  • To oversee and manage delivery of core programme activities, in close cooperation with the Programme Director and Pakistan country staff, to ensure all parties have the capacity and capabilities to deliver on programme objectives;
  • To ensure appropriate escalation to the Programme Director and Credibility Director, of important risks to credibility of operations in-country.

BCI Team

  • To provide fiscal and legal oversight of BCI as a legal entity within Pakistan in close collaboration with the Programme Director, with a view to building a strong organisational structure for BCI in-country; 
  • To ensure the efficacy and integrity of BCI and Better Cotton in Pakistan through sound recruitment, induction, management and coaching of team and staff members, including oversight of farm monitoring and licensing processes, collection of results and impact data, communication of stories of best practice, and provision of membership services and training; 
  • To oversee in particular, the selection, training, and monitoring of Better Cotton gins, the use of the Better Cotton Traceability System by suppliers and manufacturers, and engagement with leading retailers and brands in-country with a clear view to increasing the pull through of Better Cotton till retailer level;
  • To take responsibility for sharing knowledge from Pakistan program implementation across BCI countries, especially with India and China, and with the key strategic partners in order to build on best practice and modify country plans as required;
  • To contribute as required to the development of the global programme team, by providing ideas to improve ways of working, sharing knowledge and building the reputation of the BCI as a leading organisation in the both textiles and sustainable agriculture sectors;
  • To represent the ethos of what BCI is to everyone to ensure leadership is consistent and reflects strong organisational culture and values.

External Representation 

  • To represent BCI in high-level national forums and ensure that BCI maintains a credible status and a solid reputation across the cotton sector; 
  • To lead on national policy engagement in order to embed Better Cotton and develop a sound long-term strategy for its continued growth in-country;
  • To contribute written materials, video messages and other front-line communication pieces in order to build BCI and Better Cotton into a well-known and respected brand within and beyond the sustainable cotton sector.

Financial Accountability 

  • To oversee income, expenditure, and associated reporting on BCI budget, ensuring efficient and effective use of financial resources nationally and as part of the wider BCI organisation;
  • To oversee as required, monitoring of projects costs by Implementing Partners in close collaboration with the BCFT.

Line Management 

  • To create a strong and cohesive BCI Pakistan team that represents the ethos and values of the organisation, and to manage them effectively in the achievement of their objectives;
  • To create facilitate and support matrix management within the BCI organisation across different global units to ensure coherent and effective international delivery of membership services, income generation, communications and partnerships to maintain the credibility and integrity of Better Cotton.


  • Beyond these specific responsibilities the Pakistan Country Manager is expected to collaborate on activities as agreed with the Programme Director to support the delivery of the Pakistan Country Plan and the overall BCI Strategic Plan.


Skills and Knowledge 

  • Excellent English writing, public speaking, influencing and presentation skills; 
  • Fluency in Urdu, Punjabi or relevant local language; 
  • University degree, or equivalent higher education qualification, in a relevant field;
  • Proven interest in sustainability, international development and the agricultural production sector;
  • Deep understanding of policy making and influencing within the Pakistani and wider South Asian context, including the role of partnership with business;
  • Willingness to travel frequently (circa 25%) and to carry out administrative tasks;
  • Trained facilitator of professional relationships and / or groups;
  • Knowledge or a proven keen interest in cotton production and processing;
  • At least 5 years’ experience in either the sustainable agriculture or the textile sector within Pakistan, ideally both;
  • At least 3 years’ experience working in multi-cultural environments, including different working styles and approaches to relationships, preferably gained through work with or for an international organisation;
  • At least 3 years’ in a management position with responsibility for internal staff management;
  • At least 2 years’ experience taking responsibility for organisational income and expenditure, alongside more detailed budget management;
  • Experience of fundraising in an international and national context from institutional donors and/or foundations;
  • Experience of taking ownership for an organisations’ external representation including lobbying and negotiation with key stakeholders;
  • Proven ability to partner effectively internally to ensure successful completion of a program / project;
  • Experience of strategic planning and execution working in a matrix-style organisational design;
  • Experience of leading or coordinating collaborative programmes involving multiple partners;
  • Experience of working within the cotton sector;
  • Existing network of contacts within the Pakistani government especially in the textile and agricultural production sector;
  • Experience of working in both not-for-profit and profit-making organisations;
  • Experience of work with smallholder farmers;
  • Experience of project management, monitoring and evaluation.

Core Competencies

  • Business Acumen
  • Results Orientation
  • People Management
  • Leadership