Mission Talent Testimonials

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  • Working with Mission Talent was a truly enjoyable experience. It was our first time working with an executive search firm, and the added value for Mission Talent’s services was very clear throughout the process. The candidates’ profiles Mission Talent proposed were aligned with our needs, with the desired experience and skills, and the time gained for us was invaluable. Mission Talent’s Staff supported us with great professionalism.

    Delphine Ménard

    People and Culture Manager

    Association for Progressive Communication

  • Mission Talent’s recruitment process was exceptional, from the level of engagement they provided throughout the entire process to the initial screening and final selection. The Mission Talent team was thorough, professional, and efficient. The end-to-end process was seamless and well-organised, with timely communication and updates at every stage. We also appreciated the detailed feedback based on their interactions with the candidates, which helped us make well-informed decisions. Overall, the recruitment service worked for us in matching suitable candidates with our opportunity.



  • I took Executive Coaching with Anabella in April 2023. She was extremely professional, sincere and helpful in all our interactions. She provided excellent guidance and was always available to answer questions and offer sound professional and career advice. Her knowledge of the corporate world is outstanding, and her remarkable emotional intelligence skills made her approachable and easy to work with.

    Renée Lariviere

    Director of Programmes


  • Overall, our experience with Mission Talent was great. Anabella and Bekiwe really took the time to get to know us, and this role was key for our organization. We are satisfied with the final candidate. Anabella was very knowledgeable about what would work in the market. We are very grateful for your guidance and support during this recruitment. I know we are not a perfect organization, and always ready to learn. Thanks for providing your expertise.

    Tameka Davis

    Human Resources Manager


  • Mission Talent was a joy to work with. The experience and amicability of the search experts brought great relief to this very important process. I would be happy to work with Mission Talent again in the future and highly recommend them to others.

    Raven Montenegro

    Admin and Operations Coordinator

    Survivor Alliance

  • Mission Talent was (is) exceptionally positive and demonstrated a strong level of professionalism, and there is no doubt that they have mastered expertise in their work. Throughout the recruitment process, they were attentive to my organization’s needs, transparent in their communication, and facilitated a smooth journey from start to finish.

    Eseosa Eguamwense

    Membership Programs Assistant

    Survivor Alliance

  • I am grateful to Mission Talent for the exceptional support throughout my journey to the International ICT Manager role at Kindernothilfe. Your dedication, strategic positioning, and unwavering commitment ensured a seamless process. Your clear communication and genuine care for candidates are truly commendable. Thank you for making this opportunity a reality.

    Soundaram Niththilan Mario

    International ICT Manager

    Kindernothilfe e.V.

  • Thank you so much for your support during the whole process! It means a lot to me. Your feedback was key, and the follow-up was great. The Mission Talent experience pleasantly surprised me. Having been involved in other processes, I found this distinct due to the insightful questions and valuable feedback. Additionally, I appreciated the friendly and diversity-aware approach to your process.

    Maryann Anttonieta Ramirez Calisto

    Strategic Lead


  • What stood out the most to me was the support and the provision of clear, concise information throughout the entire process. It was a remarkable experience since I consistently felt a sense of being backed and well-informed at every step. The transparency exhibited during this process was also exceptional. This level of clarity and guidance has set a new standard for me when it comes to recruitment procedures. It not only allowed me to showcase my skills and potential, but it also made me feel respected and valued as a candidate.

    Hector Magallon

    CanopyStyle Strategic Lead


  • It was lovely working with Mission Talent. The two consultants followed a thorough process that involved clarifying our requirements, speaking to multiple stakeholders, reviewing, and briefing us with updates and reports. The clarity of the process and its transparency enabled all parties to share their feedback to select a candidate who fit the organization’s needs. It was a very positive and useful experience. I learnt a lot about recruitment in the process, and I think we have a great candidate. Thank you for the wonderful work.

    Ramya Jirasinghe

    Country Coordinator, Sri Lanka

    Kindernothilfe e.V.

  • The team at Mission Talent have a unique ability to match candidate profiles with available opportunities, and provide support throughout the recruitment process. I was a novice with regard to job interviews, but I had the pleasure of working with Mwende, Bekiwe and Janien who expertly supported me in navigating the recruitment process with exceptional professionalism. I would recommend MT to any company seeking to fill executive positions.

    Salima Namusobya

    Senior Director, Africa

    Centre for Reproductive Rights

  • We chose Mission Talent because their Johannesburg team is led by two women who really understood the complexities of this hire, and were willing to spend the time understanding our organisation and our needs. What most impressed me was that when we hit a bit of a bump, their reaction was to double-down and look harder, and I am thrilled with the next Executive Director of the MTV Staying Alive Foundation.

    Georgia Arnold

    former ED / Head

    MTV Staying Alive Foundation / VIS Social Impact, Paramount

  • Mwende and Bekiwe from Mission Talent were very vested in the interest of the candidate. They dedicated time and support to ensure the recruitment process was smooth and comprehensive! They were diligent, efficient, and very communicative as the process progressed. They represented the interests of the client and candidates effectively. HUGE THANK YOU!

    Wame Jallow

    Executive Director

    MTV Staying Alive Foundation

  • Mission Talent has been such a great sparring partner throughout the entire recruiting process. They guided us through the process with great experience, market knowledge and a perfect understanding of the role and the requirements. We also felt very much heard and they supported us in the decision process which was very helpful. Thank you very much for accompanying us.

    Christina Reiter

    International Director, People & Culture

    Light For The World

  • Mission Talent accomplished this search process with utter professionalism –and the results are rock-solid proof of that.

    Diego Creimer

    Board Member

    Greenpeace International

  • I am very happy with the services provided by Mission Talent in our recruitment of senior staff. The team showed a solid understanding of the specific challenges of recruitment in the not-for-profit sector. This understanding made the recruitment process smoother and enabled us to find an appropriate candidate quicker.

    Daniel P. Eriksson


    Transparency International

  • We had a great experience with Mission Talent. Our ask was pretty complex: we wanted candidates who have experienced forced displacement, and between our Board CEO Transition Committee and our 8-member interview panel, there were A LOT of Asylum Access stakeholders involved in this process. Mission Talent navigated our situation beautifully and really understood Asylum Access’ values and approach. The fact that we had such a successful process and outcome is a testament to Mission Talent’s ability to tailor the process to the specific needs of our organization. We loved Mission Talent so much that we subsequently hired you to help lead our CFO hiring process as well!

    Lisa D’Annuzio

    Development Director

    Asylum Access

  • The MT team provided excellent service and I really enjoyed work with them all. We gave them some challenging roles to fill and I was truly impressed with the options they surfaced and the professionalism of the experience overall.

    Blair Sachs Hanewall

    Executive Director


  • Working with the expert team at Mission Talent is true partnership; they are very good at listening to the unique needs of the organization as well as understanding its culture and values; and then filtering their search for candidates through these lenses. Our experience with MT was excellent – their strength in understanding the candidates and their ability to proactively go and find the right fit for WITNESS was impressive. The core strength of this diverse and value-driven team is the specific expertise in understanding and matching both the organizational fit and the candidate’s aspirations.

    Yvette Alberdingk-Thijm

    Executive Director


  • Anabella has been absolutely amazing throughout the whole recruitment process! I have never met such a professional and dedicated recruitment person. I cannot thank her enough for her full support, for believing in me, for coaching me on the STAR technique and for helping me start a new chapter of my professional career! Anabella, you are brilliant at what you do. Mission Talent has definitely restored my faith in recruitment agencies. It was indeed a pleasure interacting with Anabella and Mwende. Both consultants were friendly, approachable, helpful and understanding demonstrating professionalism and passion. I appreciate the quick response, efficiency and prompt follow-up to my requests.

    Sheya Budhraja

    Chief of Human Resources

    Malala Fund

  • It gives me great pleasure to write this recommendation for Lin who represents Mission Talent and was the key recruitment consultant for my current role with World YWCA. I was amazed by the rigour they put into the recruitment process which was not just consultative but also mindful of my needs and requirements. At each step, Mission Talent lent support to make me understand the role, answering all my questions and even taking time out to share tips before my interview to help me prepare better. I highly recommend Mission Talent to anyone seeking specialized roles in the development sector!

    Bijita Devsharma

    Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Specialist

    World YWCA for RiseUp! Leadership Initiative in Asia-Pacific

  • Our experience working with Mission Talent in our global search for Board Directors was very positive. They grasped and understood our organization, what we stand for and what we needed and the fantastic pool of candidates presented to us reflects the importance of their thorough assessment that informs their search criteria. We were very pleased with the fluid communication with them at all times and with the collaboration overall.

    Betsy Uribe

    Senior Officer, Governance & Sustainability

    Fòs Feminista

  • I would say one of Mission Talent’s strongest points is how they prepared candidates with continuous feedback and detailed information along the process, and Lin is at the centre of this excellent support. From the start, Lin carefully listens and learns the detailed background of the candidate. To some extent, unleash the hidden potential that the candidate didn’t even realize yet. I thank Lin and Mission Talent’s team for all the kind support.

    Danang Prasetyo

    Engagement Deputy Director

    Greenpeace SouthEast Asia

  • I have interacted with several executive search companies in the past few years, but my experience with Mission Talent is by far the best. The staff were very professional, from the day they contacted me until I have signed my contract. They helped me better understand the requirements for the role, prepared me well for the interviews, shared constructive and useful feedback, and kept in contact with me along the recruitment and onboarding process. They also showed a deep knowledge of philanthropy and global development and embody core values including trust, diversity, equity and inclusion.

    Ousseynou Ngom

    Program Officer

    William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

  • Mission Talent has a very unique approach to support both candidates and recruitment panels, delivering on a maximum of transparency, communication and support. As a candidate, I have felt totally safe with Mission Talent, supported in all my questions and throughout the decision-making process. Immediate reaction, a very calm and positive attitude, their readiness to go the ‘extra mile’ and Mission Talent’s utmost professionalism have made the recruitment process seamless and effective. I am deeply thankful for their support and guidance and can recommend Mission Talent for all future job seekers in international organisations.

    Stefanie Lang

    Executive Director

    Legacy Landscape Fund

  • On behalf of PASGR, the Search Committee and personally I thank you in particular and your team at Mission Talent for the outstanding service and assistance you provided us. We are very thankful for your very professional, detail oriented, always on time, kind and pleasant manners. As PASGR progresses in its development we hope to get back to you in the future. Wish you continued success in your endeavours. (2020)

    Narciso Matos

    Board Chair

    Partnership for African Governance & Social Research (PASGR)

  • I wanted to let you know how absolutely impressed I am with the work of Mission Talent. The whole recruitment process of our new Executive Director has been flawless, but not only that: for me it was an educational experience, and I am very grateful to you for leading me through the difficulties of a recruitment process such as the one we just experienced in Oxfam Mexico. Thank you again for your guidance, your patience and your understanding. It was a long process, but a marvellous one.

    Mariclaire Acosta


    Oxfam Mexico

  • I was hired as Executive Director of an exciting international organization. The process was competitive, with several rounds of interviews. From the very beginning, I found Anabella to be professional yet sensitive to both parties. She demonstrated a clear knowledge of the NGO world, and the particular skill sets needed for this type of organization. However, she also had a very keen cultural competency skills and understood the idiosyncrasies that come with being a candidate who is a woman of color. The process was intense but I felt very supported throughout it all.

    Giovanna Alvarez Negretti

    Executive Director


  • It is a real pleasure to work with Mission Talent. As candidate to a senior leadership position in West Africa and as recruitment Manager for Country Director’s position, I collaborated with Lara satisfactorily. In both circumstances she demonstrated what it takes to be an accomplished, seasoned, reliable, efficient expert and adviser. I definitely recommend her to all organisations looking for talented recruitment expert.

    Mbacke Niang

    Regional Director West Africa

    CBM International

  • This was my first experience being recruited by an external, third-party, organization, and I had really no idea what to expect. However, I was very impressed with the way Mission Talent handled our initial conversations, and then how ably Anabella made herself available for my many follow-up questions. I spoke glowingly of Mission Talent to many colleagues here in Latin America.

    Daphne Sorensen

    Regional Director – Latin America


  • I have signed a contract with Amnesty International Southern Africa, and wanted to say thank you to Mwende and the rest of the team at Mission Talent for your support during my participation in the recruitment. I appreciate the effort you put into preparing me for the various assessments. I never at any point felt daunted or overwhelmed largely due to the preparation and encouragement I received every time interacted with you. Thank you once again, and well done to your team, you are doing a splendid job!

    Tigere Chagutah

    Deputy Regional Director, Campaigns

    Amnesty International – Southern Africa

  • We’ve been very happy with the value Mission Talent has brought to the process, we could not have done this without you. You’ve been professional, prompt and good value for the money.

    Noah Greenberg

    Director, Starling Resources

    Moores Rowland in Indonesia

  • There is nothing but compliments when recalling my time working with Mission Talent. It was my first time being approached by a recruiting company and I’m glad it was Lin who assisted me throughout the process – being very professional, reliable and hardworking. I am very thankful for Mission Talent’s support and to get to where I am today. (2020)

    Aom Pattanotai

    Country Director, Thailand

    Right to Play

  • I cannot say enough about how effective Mission Talent proved to be in our search for a new CEO for Lifebox. Katja and her team were highly organized and efficient, and most of all brought forward extraordinary candidates for consideration.

    Atul Gawande

    Founder and Chair


  • We had a short time frame to find the right person for the job, some very tight timelines and huge shoes to fill. With the professionalism, confidentiality, reliability and insights of Katja and her team, we were able to reach around the world to identify a pool of worthy candidates. We were impressed with Mission Talent’s commitment to understanding our needs, their responsiveness to necessary changes, their guidance to navigate the search processes and ensure respect for our specific circumstances.

    Deborah Thomas-Austin


    World YWCA

  • I was approached by Mission Talent in relation to a function at CBM International and really liked the professional attention Lin gave me as an applicant. She was instrumental in explaining to me the process and next steps with CBM and gave me a good initial understanding of the function at CBM in a wider context, so I could prepare adequately. Mission Talent’s screening process was transparent and always included helpful and timely feedback.

    Tibor van Staveren

    Regional Director Asia

    CBM International

  • Emily recruited me into my current position and it was great to work with her and the team at Mission Talent. She took time to understand my profile and coach me so I was well prepared for the panel interviews. She truly cares about international development and supporting international NGOs to hire innovative leaders. I would definitely recommend Mission Talent to any organization looking to increase their access to executive talent, especially women leaders.

    Audry Shematsi

    Country Director, DRC

    Women for Women International

  • Crossroads International hired Mission Talent to recruit two directors and it was so professional and efficient! Emily was very collaborative, she clearly understood our precise needs, and during all the recruitment process we had an amazing support. I experienced both sides, being recruited by Mission Talent for the Executive Director position and, recruiting our Program Director with their support. I strongly recommend Mission Talent.

    Carine Guidicelli

    Executive Director

    Crossroads International (Canada)

  • Securing our new U.K. Manager for this next season is such a great result and one I believe will prove to be worth the wait and the effort. Our work is growing and his role will be absolutely vital. Thank you for all your work on this significant hire! Yesterday we accepted our 17th trafficked young person into our U.K. programme, who is now being housed in our Specialist Supported Accommodation with our wrap around care provision beginning today. Your part to play in this has been huge and children’s lives will be impacted because of it.

    Steve Martin



  • I have worked with Lara Schadt and Mission Talent on two occasions to recruit a manager and a senior position for Aktion gegen den Hunger. In addition Mission Talent have previously also supported one of our global organizations. My experience in working with Lara and Mission Talent has been very good. Their support has proven to be very valuable to us and I can highly recommend both Lara and Mission Talent to any NGO in the area of (senior level) recruitment.

    Jan Sebastian Friedrich-Rust

    Executive Director

    Aktion gegen den Hunger

  • I had the pleasure to work with Lin Ratriningsih from Mission Talent on a number of recruitments out of South East Asia. Lin was always very thorough in her preparations and responsive to operational changes, ensuring timely updates and information flow. Lin is very approachable and easy to work with. She is determined to deliver the best possible results and will give a sound recruitment in different countries, be it about talent pool, potential, market value and other relevant factors.

    Inga Gasparyan

    Regional Head of HR and OD

    World Animal Protection

  • Mission Talent was an invaluable partner in our search for a new Executive Director at All Out. Katja led the process, and managed all of the moving parts throughout. Her team reached out around the world and found a good range of great candidates. Katja helped us pick the right candidate, with some robust advice. We now have an outstanding ED. I have recommended Mission Talent to other firms, and would do again. (2015)

    Jon Huggett

    Board Chair

    All Out

  • The team at Mission Talent were fantastic, and Greenpeace USA was thrilled with the brilliant outcome of their search. They deserve our credit and applause for their expeditious, professional, thorough, and sensitive handling of all aspects of our complex search process. We had serious time constraints and a highly competitive market, and Mission Talent managed the process to a challenging timeline. We enjoyed working with Mission Talent, which coupled with their creativity, organizational skills, professionalism, and tenacity made them the perfect choice for our search.

    Tom Newmark

    Greenpeace Fund Board Chair

    Greenpeace United States

  • Mission Talent recruited me for my new role with Greenpeace. I wasn’t actively searching for a new position, but Emily convinced me to explore the opportunity and put my name forward. Throughout the hiring process she was extremely professional, running smooth logistics across multiple time zones. I felt that I got a very honest assessment of the role, helping me ease into the new position and I would 100% recommend Emily and Mission Talent to run your staff searches.

    Amanda Starbuck

    Campaign Director

    Greenpeace Andino (Argentina, Chile and Colombia)

  • Mission Talent has recruited me for a position at Action Against Hunger in Germany. Throughout the entire recruitment process, Lara proved to be highly trustworthy, helpful and communicative. She has a very good sense of people’s capacities and ambitions. I am glad that Lara contacted me and I highly recommend her as a recruiter.

    Stephanie Haack

    Manager Marketing & Fundraising

    Action Against Hunger-Germany

  • Emily Davila from Mission Talent recruited me in to my current position. She was like no other headhunter I’ve ever worked with — she gave me brilliant context and insight for my interviews, was in contact whenever I needed her to be and generally prepared me well for the whole experience. I highly recommend her.

    Kate Norgrove

    Managing Director: Purpose Climate Lab


  • Katja and her team at Mission Talent were instrumental in helping us attract very talented candidates for the position of Executive Director of Greenpeace Canada. Our board was impressed with Mission Talent’s professionalism and commitment to finding the right person, and their willingness to involve staff and stakeholders in the search process. We are very pleased with both the process and the outcome, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mission Talent to other NGOs.

    Sue Birge

    Chair of the Board

    Greenpeace Canada

  • Mission Talent supported the search and selection of a Team Leader for our Campaigns Department independently and with a clear sense of responsibility. During this time, we got to know and appreciate Mission Talent as a very pleasant, uncomplicated, competent and reliable agency to collaborate with. Mission Talent understood our objectives and implemented them successfully. We found communication with them to be open and transparent, and all information was handled discreetly and in confidence. We have received satisfied comments across the board from all parties involved.

    Verena Mühlberger and Markus Allemann

    Executive Directors

    Greenpeace Switzerland

  • After having failed twice to attract the right candidate on our own, Mission Talent’s help finally enabled us to fill this demanding position. Candidates explicitly mentioned that they were impressed with your professional, friendly and supportive approach. My team and I were equally impressed with your quick understanding of what we need and your effective help in finding the most suitable candidate. I will gladly recommend you to colleagues who have to fill senior positions.

    Burkhard Gnärig

    Executive Director

    International Civil Society Center

  • I had applied with Mission Talent for a position and, after assessing my resume, was told that I was better suited for a different – more senior – role they were currently recruiting for. It turned out they were right and I eventually got the job. Katja is efficient in recruitment, provides detailed information, is very responsive, and provides excellent and timely feedback throughout the recruitment process. I appreciate her high level of professionalism and her ability to build good relationships with applicants and recruiting organizations.

    Michael O’Brien-Onyeka

    Executive Director

    Greenpeace Africa

  • I have maintained contact with Mission Talent since 2008, and I find them to be highly professional in approach and process. Most specifically, Katja is very flexible, knowledgeable and supportive, as well as determined. She kept me abreast of developments during my job search and encouraged me when an interview outcome was not favourable. Katja is very diligent and focused in her interviews, bringing out critical thinking. I have recommended Mission Talent to many of my friends.

    Jane Ohuma

    Country Director Kenya

    Fred Hollows Foundation

  • I highly recommend Mission Talent. I have worked with Mission Talent for several years now both in finding a position for myself as an NGO professional as well as in hiring talent for positions in the NGO I am Country Director for. Mission Talent does an excellent job on all sides trying to make the situation a win-win for all concerned. Katja is caring, very helpful, a clear, transparent and honest communicator and above all delivers results.

    Carl Becker

    Country Director-Mozambique

    Joint Aid Management (JAM)

  • We were impressed by Mission Talent’s quick understanding of our needs and particularly navigating the rather challenging conservation environment. We not only got one but two great talents for our Program! Will definitely be contacting Mission Talent in the future.

    Elizabeth Opee

    Human Resources Manager

    African Wildlife Foundation (AWF)

  • We have worked with Katja and her team at Mission Talent on two important, senior searches. We were conscious that looking for medically qualified people who could also offer programme management experience meant that such candidates were likely to be in considerable demand from other organisations. Thanks to Mission Talent, we have filled our roles with specialists who we believe will make a valuable contribution to ARK’s work.”

    Ann Ewing

    Strategic HR Adviser

    Absolute Return for Kids (ARK)

  • We hired Katja from Mission Talent to lead the recruitment for a senior position at the Foundation. The timeline was very short, only a few weeks. Through her network, she was able to produce high quality candidates in a few weeks, which was impressive. Overall, we were very satisfied with the results. Katja is knowledgeable in the area of international development, trustworthy and professional. Hope to work with her again in the future. We highly recommend her.

    Angeli Virata

    Senior Recruiting Manager

    Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation

  • Mission Talent has, with efficiency, provided MINDS with a diversity of candidates for our CEO position. The rigorous selection and stature of candidates presented were highly valued by our selection committee and an appointment could be made, and within the timelines.

    Nkosana Moyo

    Executive Chairman

    The Mandela Institute for Development Studies (MINDS)

  • I am satisfied with the reliability, rigor and professionalism of Mission Talent, their readiness to deliver timely resourcing campaign deadlines, while combining it with the required flexibility when realities change from the client perspective.

    Casely Coleman

    People & Culture Director West Africa Region

    World Vision International

  • Katja has helped my organisation find professionals, from different countries and with different language-backgrounds in Southern Africa, to work in our Lilongwe/Malawi office. She was very easy to communicate with, understood what we wanted and was very flexible. We thank her for bringing in some very good candidates whom we will build our team with. I can certainly recommend Mission Talent for staff recruitment in the NGO sector.

    Gerrit de Vries

    Regional Manager Southern Africa


  • Mission Talent provided Fairtrade with outstanding professional services in a global search for senior Board members. The stature and diversity of nominees put forward by Mission Talent Recruitment was exceptional!

    Molly Harriss Olson

    Nominations Committee Chair

    Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International (FLO)

  • The International Rescue Committee found Mission Talent’s services to be of a highly professional calibre. Finding a qualified person for a technically demanding job in a challenging location was handled capably. The selected candidate pleased The IRC and has successfully assumed the role Chief of Party for an ambitious and high-profile project.

    Alex Bornstein

    Deputy Vice President

    International Rescue Committee

  • Mission Talent was highly responsive to our recruiting needs in CARE USA’s search for a global leadership role.

    Sondra Jimmerson

    Senior Recruiter


  • Katja Schramm from Mission Talent has provided the IJR with excellent service, not only guiding our recruitment processes with skill and determination, but also assisting in the drafting of the job descriptions and advertisements. I can recommend their services without reservation, to colleagues both in the private and public sectors.

    Fanie du Toit

    Executive Director

    Institute for Justice and Reconciliation