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Greenpeace Andino

Campaigns Director

About Greenpeace Andino

Greenpeace exists because this fragile earth deserves a voice. It needs solutions. It needs change. It needs action. Greenpeace was founded in Vancouver in 1971, when a small boat of volunteers and journalists sailed into Amchitka, an area north of Alaska where the US Government was conducting underground nuclear tests. This tradition of ‘bearing witness’ in a non-violent manner continues as an important part of all campaign work. Greenpeace today operates in more than 40 countries with headquarters in Amsterdam.

Overall Purpose and Scope of the Role

Greenpeace Andino is searching for a Campaigns Director to oversee its operations and activities in Argentina, Colombia and Chile. The organization seeks an enthusiastic and experienced campaigner to take the lead to build an even stronger team! This is an excellent opportunity for a professional with good strategic and people skills, who wants to acquire hands-on management experience under the direct guidance of the Executive Director.

The Regional Campaign Director will provide clear direction for the strategic development and implementation of the campaigns, within the context of the agreed global program of Greenpeace worldwide, and represent the organization’s principles and values at all times.

Reports to:

Executive Director

Line Manages:

Circa 15 campaigners, Action/logistics staff, including volunteers

Major Tasks and Responsibilities

1.   Strategic direction and program design and implementation:

  • As a member of the Senior Management Team (SMT), advise on GP Andino’s strategic direction and campaign design and implementation.
  • Develop the campaigns including for the annual Organizational Development Plan to be submitted to the GP Andino Board for approval, in coordination with senior managers in other departments.

2.   Campaigns development:

  • Guide campaigners in developing short and long term campaign objectives and strategies, ensuring a balanced portfolio of campaigns and activities that encourage and engage participation of the general public.
  • Propose campaigns and projects to the SMT, and select Campaign Coordinators to co-lead approved campaigns.
  • Set up planning processes to implement the programs identified in the development plans as contributing to the GP global priorities.
  • Contribute actively in the development of international campaign programs, through participation in international program meetings and campaign meetings.
  • Ensure the right balance between highly visible public pushes and engagement, lobbying and media work.
  • Inform and advise the Executive Director in advance with regard to any initiative that may have the potential to jeopardize the integrity of Greenpeace (legal, financial or reputational).
  • If and when appropriate, represent Greenpeace Andino in decision makers/public debates.
  • Contribute to the development and implementation of the communication strategy for Greenpeace Andino to improve public awareness of, and involvement in campaign issues, fundraising initiatives and public profiling of Greenpeace Andino.

3.   Management responsibilities:

  • Maintain regular flow of communication with each GP Andino campaign location through regular conversations and visits to engage colleagues in frequent exchanges on work status, implementation and reporting.
  • Inspire, motivate, supervise, coordinate the work of all campaigners, action/ logistics staff and encourage them to be strategically focused on implementation of the annual plan. Make sure their work meets the objectives and is of high quality.
  • Organize, coordinate and evaluate the organization and implementation of the campaigns through regular meetings, telecommunications, planning and reporting.
  • As an SMT member, fulfill the rights and responsibilities as agreed in the Terms of Reference for SMT members.

4.   Budget responsibilities:

  • Ensure responsible financial control of the GP Andino campaigns budget in consultation with the Organization Director and facilitate reporting to the Board, SMT and ED.

5.   Human Resources:

  • Contribute to the development and implementation of the Human Resources strategy for GP Andino.
  • Follow Human Resources procures and structures to recruit, induct, train, retain and support campaign/ actions/ logistics staff according to Human Resources policies in order to achieve the objectives of Greenpeace Andino.
  • Be responsible for ensuring that high quality training is available for campaign, actions and logistics staff, using the development management system.
  • Set up and evaluate individual objectives with staff members, and apply all human resources policies, including monthly and annual performance feedback for direct line-managed staff.

6.   Compliance:

  • Ensure compliance with all relevant GP Andino, GPI, and external requirements and procedures in order to optimize the security of the organization, the health and safety of campaigners (duty of care), and protect the image and integrity of Greenpeace.

7.   Reporting:

  • Submit monthly reports to the Executive Director.
  • Report accordingly to the SMT and in consultation with the Executive Director to GP Andino Board.

8.   Greenpeace International:

  • Organize and maintain sound communication flow and liaise regularly with the GPI Program Director, Unit and Issue heads, as well as other National and Regional Office (NRO) Campaign Directors and relevant staff.
  • Assist other NROs in their campaign development and support their campaign-related fundraising events as appropriate.
  • Represent GP Andino to the GPI and NRO program Directors, Unit and Issues Heads and Ships, Research and Actions Units and at international program and Issues meetings and ensure Andino input into the campaign planning process.
  • Perform other duties or projects as requested or assigned by the Executive Director.

Person Profile

  • At least two years’ experience as a team leader or project leader.
  • Strong people skills, strong communications skills, strong organizational skills.
  • Ability to prioritize and to work under pressure and to tight deadlines.
  • Enjoys working as part of a team.
  • Can undertake reasonable amounts of travel.
  • Strong skills in written and spoken English, the working language of Greenpeace inter- nationally. Spanish native language.