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Country Director

Role Objectives

Niger is a big country and classed as the poorest in the world. There are a number of pastoralists and areas that remain water-resource scarce. Society remains very conservative and in many cases women and children are marginalised.

WaterAid entered Niger with the aim of combatting WASH poverty in this difficult environment. Having emerged from its status as a pilot country for WaterAid, the scope of the programme in Niger will shift to a rights-based approach from one that supported a needs-based services—though there is still need for services at quite an important scale. In line with WaterAid’s global shift to an advocacy-based approach this will be achieved as part of a package that brings changes in terms of people-power and government policy.

A country programme strategy exists and the new CD will translate this strategy into operations; covering staffing, resourcing, funding and partnerships—some of which need to be revisited. Some links have been established with government and the new focus will be to strengthen the sector through advocacy, influencing and putting good policies in place.

WaterAid has a good reputation in-country and joint programming with like-minded institutions is needed. Opportunities exist with UNICEF, who have Niger as a priority, and there should also be potential to get the World Bank and AfDB on board.

There are currently seven employees, including three people in the SMT, as well as some contractors. The new CD will be growing the team in phases over the next 18 months; some positions will be upgraded, more programme staff will come in and the full complement of staff is expected to rise to 13.

About you

Likely to be a national of Niger and with experience in the Sahel, you are bilingual in French and English. You have a strong desire to address marginalised communities, particularly women and children, and are able to challenge the status quo in conservative societies. You know how to establish partnerships and can set up joint programming with like-minded institutions. You will be growing the team in phases over the next 18 months; with positions being upgraded, and local staff expected to double.

WaterAid is at the forefront of a movement in iNGOs to abandon the traditional dual-pay systems, sometimes known as expatriate packages, and you share their founders’ ethos of equity.


We expect you to be able to demonstrate that you are:

  • determined: able to challenge and change conservative thinking in traditional and government settings;
  • operational: able to translate a strategy into operations including staffing, resourcing, funding and partnerships
  • an alliance-builder: able to identify partners and develop strong, mutually-beneficial relationships;
  • an inspirational leader: able to build a credible team, create trust and help people to understand how they can contribute;
  • a change manager: able to lead an organization through changes in focus and priority.