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World Animal Protection

Campaign Manager – Wildlife Not Entertainers

Role Objectives

  • The Campaign Manager will work with teams in Asia to develop campaign plans and tactics that deliver the global strategy to end wildlife entertainment. They will encourage and provide support to enable teams in Asia to develop inspiring and innovative projects which realize the campaign strategy, manage project activity and act as the central point of contact for campaign implementation and projects in the region. The role will provide strategic input for the entire Asian team, particularly for staff in Thailand, China and India.
  • The Campaign Manager will build public campaigning capacities for the Asia team, both internally and externally, to ensure that campaigning opportunities are identified and used to contribute to the organisation’s success across the continent.
  • The role will continue to grow World Animal Protection’s influence on businesses and the public across the continent, working in close collaboration with colleagues in Asia and globally.

About World Animal Protection

World Animal Protection is a global organisation, working in over 50 countries across the world, with offices on every continent. Their vision is a world where animal welfare matters and animal cruelty has ended. They protect animals because they believe a sustainable future for the planet can only be achieved if both animals and people are part of the solution.

In this role you will

  • implement and contribute to the global campaign through local projects and activities across Asia—grow World Animal Protection’s reach and communicate its goals across local governments, communities and businesses in the region.
  • be working with international / global colleagues to commission research and develop communications activities.
  • drive change across traditional cultures to ensure animal welfare
  • use and convey research to build the basis for campaigns as well as training and supporting teams across Asia to succeed in their campaigning.


For this role we expect you to demonstrate that you are:

  • a campaigner – with a passion for public campaigning at national, regional or global level,  for change; especially for wildlife, animal welfare, environmental and related issues;
  • a strategist, someone that knows how to develop a strategy campaign, utilising local and regional resources;
  • a team player who is able to inspire and support the local teams and build their capacity; and
  • Have experience of campaigning and working in the region with campaign success in at least one country in Asia.