How Mission Talent will support you


What Mission Talent will do for you

Your senior-level recruitment process needs time, focus and attention to detail — we take the work off your hands. Our full-service package includes longlisting, interviewing and assessments. We also can customise our process to suit your needs. Please contact us if you would like to discuss a tailored recruitment process.

  • Longlisting

    Often the best leaders are busy making a difference — not looking for job opportunities. We find high calibre candidates and spark their interest in your organisation.

    • Strategic Consulting
      We lead you through a process to identify the objectives of your new hire and align your stakeholders around these goals.
    • Research
      We conduct fresh, targeted research that is tailored to your desired leadership profile.
    • Networking
      We have led hundreds of successful searches, and have an extensive network. We reach out to our contacts and ask them whom they recommend.
    • Diversity
      What does diversity mean to you? We have a track record of and deep commitment to recruiting candidates who add diversity to social impact organisations.
  • Interviewing & Assessment

    Do you need objective interviewing expertise to support your hiring process? We design and conduct interviews with your shortlisted candidates and provide comprehensive reports.

    • Interviewing
      Our custom interviews assess candidates for the role, evaluate their behavioural and organisational-culture fit, and probe their relevant experience.
    • Behavioural assessment
      Our test matches the key personality traits of candidates against the role profile and your organisational culture.
    • Psychometric assessment
      This in-depth analysis explores the key motivators and core values of candidates, as well as their behavioural tendencies both in the day-to-day and when under pressure.
    • Reports
      Our narrative report overviews the potential strengths and weaknesses of each candidate and also considers the outcomes of the behavioural and psychometric assessments.
  • Best Practice Advisory

    Do you need executive recruitment expertise but are not ready to take on a full search partner? We help you design and conduct your recruitment process. We’ve led hundreds of successful recruitments, let us advise you on what works.

    • Design
      We help you design a process that incorporates the views of all key stakeholders, propose a timeline, and facilitate interviews and decision making.
    • Support
      We support you to facilitate high-quality interviews and transparent candidate engagement, professionalising your hiring process and avoiding common pitfalls.
  • Coaching & Onboarding

    In a series of one-on-one sessions, our executive coach works with you to navigate the complexities of executive leadership.

    • Executive Coaching
      Our organisational development expert, Huria Ogamichael, works with you directly to identify your leadership strengths and opportunities for growth.

    • Onboarding
      During this critical transition, we support leaders to navigate the complexity of their new environment by creating a safe space for strategy and self-reflection.