Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I hire an executive search specialist?

    Because you need access to a larger pool of diverse and qualified candidates than you can find on your own. Using targeted research, we identify and approach qualified candidates directly, and invite them to consider applying with your organisation.

    For searches that are high profile or politically sensitive, we can also help you preserve anonymity and confidentiality. Your time is precious. Before the CV of any candidate lands on your desk, we have ensured that they meet your key criteria. At the beginning of every search, we set out a clear timeline, ensuring that your process moves forward, and that you avoid the cost of operating with an unfilled opening.

  • What are Mission Talent’s fees?

    Please contact us to discuss our fees. Our expertise comes from our network of consultants worldwide, rather than brick and mortar. We offer a truly global service while keeping costs low.

  • Can you help us find diverse candidates?

    We begin each search by asking, what does diversity mean to you? Then we tailor our search strategy to prioritize candidates who will add diversity to your team. Our approach analyzes diversity beyond race and gender, and includes economic, sexual orientation, age, language, ability, educational background etc. We are proud of our track record placing more than 50 per cent women into executive roles, and our success placing candidates from the global South, East and emerging economies. We are always learning and expanding our knowledge about how to recruit for diversity, equity and inclusion.

  • What is a retained search?

    Retained search means that we exclusively handle all aspects of your recruitment. In doing so, we ensure all candidates, including internal ones, are treated equally and benchmarked in the same way. This transparent and fair approach is important for candidates – and for your employees. Our reports can also be used to demonstrate a robust process for audit purposes.

  • How do we recruit our candidates?

    For each search, we create a customized research strategy based on what your organization is looking for, and begin by analyzing your competitive landscape. We conduct fresh research and outreach, and we rely on trusted sources for recommendations. As a result of conducting hundreds of searches around the world, we have a large institutional network and broad knowledge across a range of sectors.

  • How long does a search take?

    A search typically takes 8-10 weeks, though it depends on your circumstances. We use this time to identify and approach candidates and to set a reasonable deadline for candidates to confirm their interest. We generally conduct both an introductory and in-depth interview before we present you with our shortlist recommendations and a narrative assessment.

  • Do you advertise?

    Clients often prefer to use our targeted approach instead of paid advertising. We work with you to determine if and what kind of paid advertising may be necessary.

  • What if you don’t find our ideal candidate?

    We are often hired because positions are hard to fill and require specific expertise or backgrounds. We are used to facing such challenges. We present high-quality candidates to you until you are satisfied – even if it means extending the search process over months. It is rare that we do not find a candidate to fill a position.

  • Have you worked in my country, language or region before?

    Almost certainly. Because great leaders have careers that span the globe, our work is not bound by borders. We have led searches across six continents and 70+ countries. While many of our candidates are expected to speak English, we also conduct searches in German, Spanish, Arabic, Bahasa Indonesian, Swahili, Portuguese, and Macedonian. See where we work.

  • How do you work with Boards of Directors?

    Board-level searches require an additional level of expertise and support compared to other senior hires. We understand that Boards are made up of leaders who are working on a voluntary basis and have busy schedules. We build a relationship of trust and prioritize clear communication with every panel member. Through every step of the process, we remain deeply engaged and provide you with the necessary advisory and administrative support until a final offer is accepted.

  • How do you help us manage risk and comply with safeguarding?

    You are looking for a leader with integrity, who can handle unexpected challenges. We screen for how candidates will handle difficult situations such as fraud, bullying, sexual harassment, or any behavior that puts at risk internal teams or the population your organization is serving. We also conduct thorough reference checks.