Written by Mission Talent Team

Greetings from Mission Talent, 2019!

At the start of a new year

Now that 2019 is rapidly getting underway, we hope this mail finds you back at your desk and ready to do great work. While the struggles of the world can weigh heavily upon us, we hope you took some time with your family, friends – and yourself, for some reflection and renewal.

The world needs strong leaders

Looking back at 2018, we see shocking incidents of sexual harassment and workplace misconduct, followed by inspiring movements such as #TimesUp and #MeToo. We take strength from the courage of the individuals who have stepped forward, and we are motivated by organizations that are working to authentically address the scope of these issues. The scale of these revelations makes us at Mission Talent feel our sense of mission even more strongly. Now more than ever, the world needs strong leaders who will promote diversity, confront inappropriate behaviour, and shake the structures that allow it to continue. As your search partner, we are committed to helping you find people who can lead this change internally within our sector, and act externally as advocates for human rights in our society.

New colleagues and new clients

Within Mission Talent, we take energy for the coming year from our new colleagues. We recently welcomed Nihal and Anabella, who respectively bring knowledge of civil society in Egypt and Venezuela; and expertise in social psychology and lean management. In our tenth year as a company, we look forward to continuing to expand our team in 2019.

We are also inspired by some of our new clients, like BRAC, ALIMA, OPEN and the Oak Foundation, and returning clients like CBM and Greenpeace. These searches further deepen our commitment to placing diverse candidates, specifically women and leaders from the global South and East. We look forward to continuing to strengthen our expertise in recruiting diverse leadership for our clients worldwide.

We wish you every success for the coming year, that you may have a strong team around you, passion for your work, and space to personally develop and grow.

Please write to us anytime and say hello, we would be happy to hear from you.


The Mission Talent Team

Katja, Emily, Lin, Spencer, Lara, Mwende, Anabella and Nihal