Mission Talent’s Process and Your Personal Data

Keeping your application confidential and your personal data safe is of utmost importance to us at Mission Talent. The document below highlights the most important steps of our process and how we handle your data at each point. But we also need your support: we strongly advise that you keep your application confidential and only share your interest with your most trusted person. Please do not contact staff members of the client organisation, no matter how well you know them. 

  • 1. Research, Identification and Outreach

    As an executive search agency recruiting on behalf of our clients, we do not wait for candidates to apply for roles. We use networking and research to find interesting sources to discover who could be a potential candidate for the role.

    Your Data
    During this stage we might be told about you, someone might even connect us to you or give us your contact details. Your name and contact details will be secure in our system and not be shared with anyone outside Mission Talent. If we feel you have an interest in hearing from us, we will contact you to enquire if you would be interested in speaking with us about the position.

  • 2. Application

    No matter how you found out about this recruitment (MT’s direct approach or an advertisement), all applications will go through the same process. You submit your CV and motivation letter via Mission Talent’s online system, and by doing this, you give your written consent that we may store and review your data for a specific period.

    Your Data
    At this point, your data (CV, letter and contact details) are saved on our system. This system is not accessible to third parties. If you do not proceed further, your data will either be deleted within six months or – if you gave us your consent – remain stored in our database so that we can contact you in future.

  • 3. Review/Screening

    Once we receive your application it will be reviewed by our team. In cases where the application fits the requirement for this position, a Mission Talent consultant will contact you to set up a call to discuss the role and the process in more detail.

    Your Data
    Your data (CV, letter and contact details) are stored on our system, which is not accessible to third parties.

  • 4. Longlist Submission to Client

    Once we have decided which candidates should be submitted as part of the longlist, your CV and letter data will be shared with our client outside Mission Talent.

    Your Data
    We will remove all contact details from your CV (including your details and those of any referees) and will arrange for the formatting of your documents with a trusted service provider who is outside of the EU and outside South Africa. Your documents will then be sent to the recruitment panel (client) for their review ahead of an in-depth discussion with us. Our contract with the clients states that this information may not be passed on to anyone else outside this panel. Should you decide to withdraw, or are not selected for the next stage, you may choose to have your details deleted from our system.

  • 5. Mission Talent Interviews

    A group of six to eight candidates will be chosen for Mission Talent interviews, which generally take place via a video call. Thereafter a call with a client is held where we update them on the outcomes of the interviews. An assessment report is then written concerning those candidates moving forward in the process, and is sent to the client in advance of their interviews. Other candidates will be declined in writing with the option of receiving verbal feedback.

    Your Data
    The Candidate Assessment report will include details you shared with us during your interview unless you explicitly asked to keep certain things confidential. This report will be sent to the panel ahead of the client interviews. Our clients have been instructed to not pass on this report to anyone outside the panel. Should you decide to withdraw or are not selected for the next stage, you may choose to have your details deleted from our system.

  • 6. Client Interviews

    The details of the client interview process will be given to you by an MT consultant earlier in the process. She or he will brief and debrief you before and after the client interviews to ensure you are well-prepared and informed throughout.

    Your Data
    Even though you will come in direct contact with the organisation, and maybe even some staff members, MT will be arranging this for you. You will not need to be directly in touch with the organisation except if someone from the client organisation needs to help with travel logistics. We strongly discourage you to get in touch with any other staff members without MT’s consent.

    No additional data will be shared with the client except for the information that you share with them during the interview. You should be aware that keeping your application confidential becomes more difficult for MT at this point. Should you decide to withdraw, or are not selected for the next stage, you may choose to have your details deleted from our system.

  • 7. Reference Checks & Contract Negotiations/Closure

    If you are the chosen candidate, ideally contract negotiations will start alongside the formal reference check process. MT will advise the client that reference checks should be conducted only after you have received and accepted a provisional offer. This provisional offer is contingent on the satisfactory outcome of the formal reference checks after which an employment contract will be sent to you for your signature. Please note: the client may request that reference checks should take place ahead of the final interviews in which case you will be advised not to put forth references from your current organisation.

    Your Data
    We will share your name, and details of your previous roles with clients and referees. The reference check will be recorded and transcribed by a trusted service provider. The recording will be deleted after the transcription is completed, which will be sent to the client. Your contact details (address etc.) will have to be provided to the client to finalise the contract. Should you decide to withdraw, or are not selected for the next stage, you may choose to have your details deleted from our system.

Please note that some of the personal data that you provide to us may be defined as “sensitive personal data” in terms of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or “special personal information” in terms of South Africa’s Protection of Personal Information Act, 4 of 2013 (POPIA). For example, information about your race, religion, politics, health or sex life. By agreeing to this document, you are giving us your consent to process this information.   

I have understood Mission Talent’s process and the implications this may have on my personal data. I consent to move forward to the next stage of this process. I understand that I have the right to withdraw from this process and, if I wish, to have all my data to be deleted from the system