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Central America Representative

About CBM

CBM (Christian Blind Mission) is an international development organisation committed to improving the quality of life of persons with disabilities in the world’s poorest communities. Based on their Christian values and more than 100 years of professional expertise, CBM addresses poverty as a cause and a consequence of disability. CBM works in partnership to create an inclusive society for all. 

The Asia & Americas region encompasses all the partnerships, programmes and projects in Asia, South and Central America, and the Eastern Mediterranean. CBM in America has programmatic work in Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Haiti. In 2020, over 2.2 million people received services in core activities from CBM partners in Asia & the Americas. CBM partners with government and non-government organisations and Disabled People’s Organisations (DPOs) to develop and implement programmes and projects such as low vision medical eye work, ear care, assistive devices development, mobility prosthetics and orthotics, community-based rehabilitation and inclusive development, disability-inclusive disaster risk reduction, community mental health, parent mobilisation, and DPO strengthening.   

About the Role

The holder of this position heads the CBM Central America Programme, based in Guatemala, and represents CBM towards partner organisations and other institutions in the Central America Region. They will develop and monitor all CBM partner activities in Central America in close collaboration and under the guidance of the Asia & Americas Regional Programme Manager. In addition, they will have to identify needs and opportunities and work with the government, national and international NGOs and donor agencies, engaging in networking and building alliances.   

Duties and Responsibilities

Establish and manage the Central America Country Desk based in Guatemala;

  • Oversee programme quality in Central America; ensuring quality execution of programme strategy that integrates safeguarding, timely and quality completion of M&E processes, adoption of quality standards and guidelines, and efficient use of global and regional programme resources;
  • Formulate a Central America strategy for CBM in light of the political, economic and humanitarian context;
  • Lead and oversee the grants acquisition and management effort in the team; ensuring the long-term health of the portfolio and achievement of annual targets;
  • Strengthen the financial sustainability of programmes and operations through vibrant resource development effort, striking healthy financial ratios, and effective budget administration;
  • Diversify and strengthen CBM’s partner portfolio in Central America;
  • Oversee and incentivise evolution and innovation in programmes and their delivery models;
  • Facilitate, monitor and follow up on financial and programmatic implementation;
  • Ensure field monitoring against project plans, including follow up of core log-frame activities in target areas;
  • Facilitate visits by, and follow up on recommendations of technical advisors;
  • Ensure the team is compliant with all deliverables on time (Donor reporting, Narrative and Financial reporting, audits, evaluations, partner assessments etc.);
  • Support or lead management of Programmatic Red Flag-issues;
  • Ensure regular and effective partner communication and follow up on programmatic aspects;
  • Act as the key contact with central functions, local partners, NGOs, UN agencies, local authorities, government, and donors;
  • Promote the image of CBM in Central America.

Skills and Experience

  • Experience  in the development sector, including a minimum of five years of work experience  across Latin America and Central America;
  • Good knowledge of international mainstream development – as well as disability and development-related discussions and trends;
  • Experience in the management of large institutional grants, e.g. USAID, preferred;
  • Good writing skills and the ability to develop meaningful concepts, proposals and reports, meeting international standards;
  • Demonstrated technical expertise in project, programme, budget and resource management;
  • Coalition building capabilities, external networking and experience in developing strategic partnerships;
  • Demonstrated high-level interpersonal and cross-cultural skills, including building collaborative relationships internally and externally with sensitivity to cultural, ethnic, social, and political issues;
  • Ability to pragmatically solve problems, plan a course of action using analytical, conceptual, strategic and forward-thinking skills to achieve an effective resolution;
  • Strong leadership skills in such areas as fostering teamwork; developing and motivating others; managing change; and conflict resolution;
  • Ability to multi-task and proactively recognise, react and adjust to rapidly changing conditions, lead the resources in the appropriate direction with cohesiveness and a sense of urgency;
  • Excellent knowledge of Spanish and English (both written and oral), German would be advantageous.