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Canopy Planet Society

CanopyStyle Strategic Lead

About Canopy

Canopy is an award-winning nonprofit that protects the world’s forests, species, and climate. Trees over 800 years old do not need to be cut down to make packaging, t-shirts, or junk mail – and Canopy is committed to doing all they can to keep them standing.

Canopy collaborates with more than 800 companies globally to implement robust environmental policies, catalyze innovative solutions, transform unsustainable supply chains, secure forest conservation, and advance community rights. Initially best known for greening the Harry Potter series internationally, Canopy now works with partners including Stella McCartney, The Guardian, The GAP, Sainsbury’s, Penguin Random House, LVMH, Ben & Jerry’s, and H&M to transform the environmental impacts of a range of sectors. Canopy’s work relies on the support of individual donors and institutions who share their passion for the planet.

The team at Canopy loves chocolate and playing charades. Working hard is in their DNA – as is having fun and being creative. Pragmatic and audacious, the Canopy team is driven to produce results at a scale proportionate to the environmental problems our world is grappling with. Canopy is part of the growing movement that believes “Nature Needs Half” – a science-driven initiative that recommends 30-50% of the world’s forests be protected by 2030 to ensure forest ecosystems can fulfill the ecological functions and services we need for life on Earth.

About the Role

Canopy is recruiting a Strategic Lead for the CanopyStyle campaigns. The Strategic Lead report to the Campaign Director and will work with the Campaign Teams to ensure Canopy meets its bold vision of seeing 30-50% of the world’s forests protected and/or restored. The Strategic Lead will work with some of the world’s most influential brands and corporate executives to transform unsustainable supply chains and leverage on-the-ground conservation.

The Strategic Lead is responsible for developing creative campaigns and strategies and driving their successful execution to enable Canopy to hit its impact goals – transforming unsustainable supply chains, scaling solutions, and securing large-scale conservation of ancient and endangered forests. Travel is a part of this senior position.

Purpose of the Role

Canopy is a solutions-driven campaigning organization, and the Strategic Lead is responsible for developing and driving the successful execution of creative campaigns that enable Canopy to hit its impact goals – be they transforming unsustainable supply chains, scaling solutions and/or securing conservation at scale.

Canopy’s Strategic Leads are active Management Team members and report directly to the Campaign Director. Strategic Leads collaborate closely with other Strategic and Pack Leads to ensure cohesive, effective performance by the overall Campaign Team. Travel is part of this senior position.

Duties and Responsibilities


  • Works with the Campaign Director to establish the annual strategic planning process. Identifies strategic priorities and converts these into ambitious, quantitative, actionable plans across Canopy’s campaigns.
  • Identifies the resources and timelines needed to meet Canopy’s strategic goals.
  • Applies risk management to the development and execution of campaign strategies and plans. Evaluates potential threats and establish programs to minimize them. In addition, it introduces risk and creative conflict when needed to move our goals forward.
  • Develops and manages key performance indicators to forecast and analyze Canopy’s impact.
  • Works with other Strategic and Pack Leads to coach the Campaign Team to implement the organization’s strategic plan.
  • Develops detailed project plans to meet strategic objectives.
  • Supports Canopy’s campaign team to hit their annual deliverables and strategic priorities – provides strategic advice and mentorship, implements results-based systems, etc.
  • Collaborates with the Campaign Director, Deputy Campaign Director and other Strategic & Pack Leads to operationalize Canopy’s vision.
  • Uses analytical benchmarking to measure long-term market and industry trends and adapts Canopy’s strategies as necessary.
  • Works with Campaign Director and campaign team to develop breakthrough campaign initiatives.
  • Leads a number of Canopy’s key campaign initiatives and relationships Organizational. 

Development & Human Resources

  • Collaborates with the Campaign Director in developing, refining and meeting Canopy’s annual budget.
  • Works with Canopy’s leadership team to support and advance overall organizational priorities, including communications, operations, development, and strategy.
  • Fosters innovation and creativity with the campaign team in developing winning strategies for our forests.
  • Collaborates with Pack Leads in supporting a robust professional development plan for the campaign team.
  • Participates in all performance feedback and development plans related to the campaign team.

Skills and Experience

  • 5+ years’ experience as a Campaign Leader (or comparable role).
  • Proven ability to develop and implement effective, impactful campaign strategies.
  • Fully conversant with campaign advocacy terms and practices.
  • Experience in leading and motivating teams.
  • Strong facilitation skills.
  • Well-developed communication skills, both oral and written.
  • Skilled at representing their NGO at external forums.
  • Good negotiation and advocacy skills.
  • Experienced in project management programs and practices.
  • Familiar with project management tools.
  • A good sense of humour and an imperative to have fun!

Canopy embraces equity and diversity and is committed to a workplace that is enriched by the people, needs, and desires of our diverse community.