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Director of Marketing and Communications

About Futurelect

Futurelect’s mission is to empower a new generation of ethical political, government and civic leaders in Africa. ​​They do this by supporting a more gender-diverse and youthful network of political and government leaders to advance the development of thriving, open and democratic societies in Africa.

Futurelect wants to revive young people’s trust in politics and democratic government by supporting them in participating actively in the democratic public life of their countries. This applies to people directly involved in politics and government and to those who will elect Africa’s leaders. Futurelect ​wants to empower vibrant and engaged electorates around Africa, armed with the knowledge, confidence, and conviction to participate actively in the democratic process and hold elected leadership accountable at the ballot and between polls.

About the Role

The Director of Marketing and Communications is responsible for managing and strengthening the organisation’s brand and designing and overseeing the messaging, content generation, and distribution of all Futurelect communications. The Director is also the custodian of Futurelect’s brand identity and communications channels.

Duties and Responsibilities

Public Relations and Communications:

  • Collaborate with the CEO to enhance Futurelect’s brand, oversee messaging, and manage content creation and dissemination;
  • Provide communication assistance to the CEO and leadership team, aiding fundraising, programme management, strategic partnerships, and alumni engagement efforts;
  • Assist the CEO and Regional Programme Directors in addressing media inquiries, drafting op-eds, and issuing press statements;
  • Contribute to content creation for Futurelect’s programmes and tailor programming for partner organisations;
  • Ensure all communications align with Futurelect’s brand identity and policies, monitoring for accuracy, consistency, and compliance.

Marketing and Brand Management:

  • Develop and execute an integrated marketing and communications strategy for fundraising, programmes, partnerships, and alumni relations campaigns as identified by Futurelect’s leadership team;
  • Create and manage a comprehensive social media and digital strategy and marketing plan for Futurelect;
  • Supervise production of all graphic, visual, and written content across all media platforms (Print, website, social media);
  • Draft and distribute public affairs and marketing materials, overseeing branding, corporate identity design elements, and audiovisual components in Futurelect’s internal and external digital and analogue materials.

Futurelect e-Learning Platform:

  • Supervise and contribute to designing, developing, and maintaining Futurelect’s online learning platform, facilitating the delivery of learning materials and educational content for Futurelect programme participants, alumni, and public users;
  • In partnership with the CEO and Regional Programme Directors, support the design and development of Futurelect’s new civic education online programmes;
  • Manage relationships with digital content and graphic design service providers and developers responsible for building and maintaining content for the Futurelect learning platform;
  • Oversee digital and other marketing campaigns to promote the uptake of Futurelect’s online programming for public users;
  • Work closely with the programmes team, learning designers, and learning partners to ensure the platform is regularly updated, effectively managed and aligns with the learning objectives of programme participants, alumni, and public users.

Website and Productivity:

  • Manage and oversee Futurelect’s online presence, including the website and social media channels, and support the team in utilising online productivity tools such as Google Suite, Slack, and Monday.com;
  • Collaborate with the Human Resources department to create and oversee a custom jobs portal for the Futurelect website, ensuring website functionality and evaluating and improving website performance;
  • Collaborate with the programmes and operations teams to identify software applications and opportunities for building new platforms to enhance internal productivity and operational management, and to ensure the smooth and effective delivery of Futurelect’s programmes, events, and in-residence seminars.

Skills and Experience

  • Exceptional writing and editing skills across various content types, including research, public-facing, and social media;
  • Rigorous research background with a strong commitment to accuracy, evidence-based assertions, and attention to detail;
  • Proven leadership and team management abilities to inspire and motivate a diverse, innovative team;
  • Expertise in digital marketing strategies, including SEO, email marketing, and social media;
  • Understanding of broadcast media production and ability to oversee video content creation;
  • Proficiency in English. French, Portuguese, or Swahili are desirable additional languages.