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Oxfam Brazil

Executive Director

About Oxfam

Oxfam is a world-wide development organization that mobilizes the power of people against poverty. Oxfam is a confederation of 17 organizations (‘affiliates’) working together with partners and local communities in over 90 countries.

Oxfam has been present in Brazil for over 50 years, working with civil society organizations and movements to overcome poverty, fight inequality and ensure a socially just and participatory democracy. In recognition of the socioeconomic achievements of Brazil´s vibrant civil society, Oxfam´s history in country and Brazil´s growing importance in the global scene, Oxfam is setting up a Brazilian affiliate organization. As part of its commitment to building a truly global confederation, Oxfam is seeking an exceptional leader to build a new affiliate in Brazil, bringing a unique southern voice to the work of Oxfam internationally.

In order to undertake this work, Oxfam seeks an outstanding Brazilian leader and entrepreneur to become its first Executive Director. S/he will establish, lead and manage the second Latin American affiliate of the Oxfam Confederation. The Oxfam Brazil Executive Director will build an effective national presence for influencing, campaigning and fundraising. S/he will lead Oxfam Brazil in its mission to fight poverty and inequality through active citizenship, empowering women and minorities, in the promotion of an alternative development model that is both socially just and environmentally sustainable.

Major Functions

  • To be responsible for the institutional building of OBR, including the management and administration of the organization, development of Board governance and accountability mechanisms, and implement fundraising/ resource mobilization strategies;
  • To provide leadership, vision and strategic direction in the implementation and delivery of the programmatic strategy, through influencing and campaigning, in accordance with Oxfam´s mission and values and in alignment with regional and global objectives;
  • Ensure the representation and development of institutional and public relations in Brazil with a variety of stakeholders, constituting agreements and alliances in accordance to Oxfam´s values and objectives; 
  • Enable the development of the organization to play an important role in the global governance structure of the Confederation and contribute to regional and global campaigns and mobilization efforts.

Major Duties and Responsibilities

Management and Leadership

  • The ED is an entrepreneur, with strong ability to translate vision and strategy into concrete action. S/he is a resourceful leader who understands that with limited resources and support, may have to have a hands on approach to implement planned strategies while developing his/her core team;
  • Responsible for managing and developing the OBR start-up structure and for responsibly scaling-up the organization keeping in mind resource availability and project funds/ needs;
  • Develop and cultivate an organizational culture that motivates staff and volunteers, in which individuals frequently evaluate, learn, develop and improve their own performance and the performance of the organization as a whole. S/he will be responsible for ensuring team cohesion and the delivery of effective results;
  • Ensure that the management structure, policies and systems are appropriate to meet the organization´s needs in its various phases and that they enable staff to carry out their objectives effectively and efficiently;
  • Responsible for anticipating and managing risks that could threaten the organizations reputation, operational viability and security. Responsible for managing security in line with Oxfam Policy.

Strategic Analysis

  • Manage the development of, and contribute to, the high level analysis of factors driving poverty, inequality and vulnerability, including the ability to ‘think politically’ by understanding motivations, pressures and challenges faced by colleagues, partners and other actors/stakeholders;
  • Ensure that OBR takes on a ‘One Program Approach’ in tackling poverty and inequality so that development, campaigning and humanitarian advocacy work is strategically aligned and balanced to maximize OBR’s impact and influence;
  • Contribute to Oxfam’s global objectives and strategy, by providing vision and strategic direction to all of Oxfam’s work in Brazil, the LAC region and at the global level;
  • Ensure that programs are monitored and evaluated. Play an active role in sharing learning with others and drawing on learning from across Oxfam and externally and utilizing the results to inform program decisions and enhance institutional knowledge;
  • Ensure close collaboration with Oxfam Regional Director for LAC as member of the Regional Leadership Team, contributing to the development of the regional influencing/ strategic agenda.

Institutional Representation

  • Represent Oxfam within Brazil, the region and globally. Act as a spokesperson at different functions with internal and external audiences at the most senior level to influence and inform decision makers at the highest levels;
  • Contribute to the overall leadership of Oxfam, initially as an Observer of the Oxfam Confederation, to ensure that the voice of the South is effectively heard, and influence the direction of Oxfam in the regions and organization-wide activities through leadership and contribution;
  • Develop Oxfam Brazil´s public profile and build alliances and networks with stakeholders, other non-governmental organizations, governments, statutory and private bodies.

Communications, Branding and Fundraising

  • Responsible for ensuring that OBR will develop sustainability through the implementation of an effective communications, branding and fundraising strategy in-country;
  • Contribute to positioning the Oxfam brand among diverse stakeholders and Brazilian society;
  • Ensure the implementation of institutional fundraising strategies with the Brazilian government, national and international cooperation agencies and corporate sector to ensure funding for programmatic activities;
  • Responsible for leading institutional fundraising initiatives with relevant Oxfam affiliates;
  • Coordinate the implementation of pilot resource mobilization initiatives with the general public (individuals) and grow the supporter base of the organization. 

Governance and Board Relations

  • Accountable to the Chair of the General Meeting and Chair of the OBR Board of Directors (when appointed), for the leadership, delivery, effective management and monitoring, evaluation and learning of the programs in Brazil against Oxfam’s Strategic Plan (OSP) and standards;
  • Strengthen governance bodies to ensure efficiency and transparency working closely and reporting to the BoD;
  • Assume overall responsibility for the financial health of the organization and ensure that appropriate financial and auditing systems are in place, including the development of the Fiscal Board;
  • Ensure that the organization meets all its legal and regulatory obligations. Oversee all legal matters and advise the Board on these;
  • Ensure that organizational risks are identified, monitored and that systems are in place to mitigate them;
  • In consultation with the Board, s/he will liaise with the Oxfam International Secretariat to ensure unison from operational strategies to branding, and build Oxfam Brazil of all parts of the Confederation operate as ‘One Oxfam’.

Reporting Lines

  • Reporting to – Chair of the OBR General Meeting and Chair of the OBR Board of Directors (when appointed) 
  • Total Workforce – Approximately 07 staff in start-up phase


Skills, Experience & Knowledge

  • A commitment to Oxfam’s core values, mission and objectives;
  • A commitment to a rights-based approach including an active commitment to putting women’s rights as well as the rights of other marginalized people and minorities at the heart of all Oxfam´s work;
  • A successful record in building and developing organizations, both to achieve social change, and to be financially successful;
  • At least five years’ experience as senior leader and manager in national or international non-government organizations (NGOs), foundations or similar type of institution;
  • Substantive knowledge of national and international NGO work in development programs, public policy, advocacy and campaigns, and humanitarian/disaster relief operations;
  • A thorough understanding of the issues and structural causes of socioeconomic injustice in Brazil and in the LAC region;
  • Ability to travel away from home, in country or abroad for several weeks per annum;
  • Fluent Portuguese and English; working knowledge of Spanish.

Management Experience

  • Significant senior leadership experience of managing and motivating multi-disciplinary, multicultural, and geographically remote teams and an understanding of how to manage and support excellent team performance and individual development;
  • Significant experience of leading and managing complex change processes and relationships with internal and external stakeholders; effective problem-solving skills;
  • Excellent inter-personal skills, a high degree of self-awareness and demonstrable conflict resolution, diplomacy, mediation and negotiation abilities; 
  • Strong entrepreneurial, business and organizational development skills, drive for results, “do it” approach;
  • Ability to evaluate and judge complex issues and distinguish critical/political priorities; 
  • Excellent communication skills (speaking, writing, listening), ability to explain specialized concepts in simple terms, general media competency.

Program Experience

  • Understanding and knowledge of the politics, economics and political context within Brazil and the LAC region, but also of Brazil´s global influence in multinational fora, such as that of UN agencies, the G20, BRICS Forum, etc. and in the African region;
  • Proven analytical skills, including the ability to ‘think politically’, able to take and manage calculated risks based on evidence based assumptions;
  • Able to think strategically, to maximize adaptability and agility, encourage forward thinking, new ideas and learning from experience beyond the country context while acting within a global framework;
  • A track record of driving program quality improvements through evidence based learning. 
  • A focus on outcomes, accountability and learning and effectively share and manage knowledge within Oxfam and externally.

Communications, Branding and Fundraising Experience

  • Competent financial and asset management experience. Able to manage multiple budgets, mitigating and controlling financial risks – including managing donor funding and relationships;
  • A ‘stakeholders mindset’ and sound experience in building constituencies (with a broad range of stakeholders at all levels), donor networks and mobilizing institutional resources;
  • Proven track record of advocacy, and representation to the highest level including understanding of an experience with media;
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills to motivate, influence, and negotiate within a multi-cultural environment which includes decision makers in government, media and pivotal figures in society.