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Greenpeace Japan

Executive Director

About Greenpeace Japan

Greenpeace is an independent global organization that acts to change attitudes and behavior, to protect and conserve the environment and to promote peace. Launched in 1989, Greenpeace Japan currently focuses on campaigns for the oceans and climate, in cooperation with Greenpeace International and global offices.  Our dedicated team of 30 staff including campaigners, communications experts, mobilisation specialists and policy analysts takes pride in combining dialogue with direct action to create change. Greenpeace is the only international NGO in Japan that is independent of funding from corporations or government.

Role Profile

Greenpeace Japan is seeking an Executive Director to provide inspiring and effective leadership for its dynamic young team. A visionary leader with a strong commitment to winning campaigns in accordance with Greenpeace’s core values, you will report to the board of directors and your work will make a key contribution to the development and the financial growth of the global organization.  

Reporting to:

Greenpeace Japan Board

Reporting relationships:

  • Programme Director
  • Fundraising Director
  • Organisational Director

Roles and Responsibilities

Main areas of responsibility:

1. Leadership:

  • Provide direction and leadership for the development and management of the organisation’s overall strategy, policy, resource management, operations and communications with regard to campaigns, marketing, communications, human resources and administration towards Greenpeace Japan’s mission and vision.
  • Oversee and facilitate the development of the organisation’s culture and its capacity to learn and grow from the environment in which it operates and from its own experiences therein.

2. Strategic development:

  • Foster the development and implementation of effective campaigns, with a specific focus on development of infrastructure, administration and financial systems that support effective national campaigning.
  • Develop the organisation’s strategies, goals and policies in consultation with the Board and senior managers.
  • Analyse, interpret and contribute to the strategic objectives of Greenpeace International. Ability to think creatively and at a global level in order to contribute to the global Greenpeace organisation.
  • Develop and broaden the relationships and alliances with others that collectively drive an agenda in support of a system change, towards one that is more environmentally sound and socially just.

3. Board:

  • Maintain an effective relationship with the Board including delivery of timely reports, attendance at Board meetings, and liaison with the Chair of the Board on a regular basis.
  • Take overall responsibility for the preparation of all proposals for approval by the Board.
  • Ensure that the Board is made aware of all matters requiring a Board decision.
  • Inform the Board of all developments of major significance to the organisation.
  • Ensure the implementation of Board decisions.

4. Operations:

  • Approve all direct actions operated in Japan.
  • Exert overall control of all aspects of the operation of the organisation including the implementation and evaluation of its overall strategies and polices, its campaign, financial, marketing, communications and administrative programmes.
  • Provide leadership for the development of the Greenpeace Japan budget and oversee the management and control of the approved budget. Ensure that proper financial controls and practices are adhered to at all times.
  • Participate in the International Executive Directors’ meetings and other Greenpeace fora as appropriate.

5. Management:

  • Ensure effective and appropriate management practices throughout the organisation, with particular attention to organisational management systems, communications, human resources.
  • Communicate the organisation’s vision, mission, strategies and activities effectively within the office.
  • Communicate clear expectations, of the highest possible standards of work, to all staff.
  • Participate in the recruitment process for all management level staff and approve their appointment.
  • Oversee the recruitment, induction, training and development of all staff.  Approve the dismissal of any staff member.

With respect to line managed staff (Senior Management Team members / SMT):

  • Supervise and be directly accountable for their work.
  • Delegate tasks and projects appropriately so that there are clear expectations of the highest possible standards.
  • Measure and evaluate the results of delegated work against clear objectives.
  • Chair regular SMT meetings, provide support and feedback to the SMT members and ensure that they arrange regular meetings with the staff they manage.
  • Take responsibility for effective and proper communication between them and ensure that decisions taken by members of the SMT and information from their departments reaches staff expediently.
  • Undertake regular one to ones with all line managed staff; undertake their annual appraisal and identify training needs and opportunities.
  • Ensure that they take proper accountability and management for the staff they line manage and that they delegate appropriately and expect high standards of result-oriented work.

6. Communications:

  • Effectively represent the organisation externally, including acting as the principal spokesperson on “all of organisation” issues.
  • Ensure that Greenpeace Japan staff clearly understand the relationship with and role of GPI.
  • Ensure appropriate and productive relationships with Greenpeace supporters and other appropriate organisations.

7.  Personnel/Health and Safety Policies:

  • Comply with and ensure that all staff complies with personnel and health and safety policies and regulations.
  • Ensure the regular review of the personnel policy and ensure that wage levels and contracts are applied in a way that is uniform and equitable across all staffs.

8. Compliance:

  • Ensure the administration of the organization is in compliance with all legal requirements.

9. Other:

  • Assume any other responsibilities appropriate to the role.

Specific Skills And Other Requirements

  • Excellent or highly proficient written and verbal English language skills essential.
  • Excellent or highly proficient written and verbal Japanese language skills highly preferred.
  • Excellent knowledge of global and Japanese politics and institutions and understanding of the strategies needed to influence them, as well as demonstrated experience in working internationally.
  • Skills to provide leadership to the Senior Management Team in managing Greenpeace Japan activities; to resolve broad and complex issues and problems often of a highly sensitive nature; to ensure the effective management and control of Greenpeace financial resources.
  • The ability to work with a wide range of individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures and to manage them effectively as part of a team.
  • Experience in fundraising, especially in the area of major donor fundraising preferred.
  • Proven management, financial and human resource experience in a comparable organisation.
  • Analytical and problem solving skills to identify and anticipate broad and strategic environmental and media issues which impact the mandate of Greenpeace Japan; to provide leadership to Greenpeace staff in the development of strategies and responses related to these issues.
  • An understanding of communications and marketing strategies necessary to build an organisation strongly supported by Japanese society.
  • Experience in strategic planning, project management and evaluation.
  • Background in relevant tertiary qualification, background in environmental issues desirable.
  • Experience in campaigning activities, political or social activism preferred.
  • Flexibility and creativity.