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Greenpeace International

Executive Director

About Greenpeace International

For over forty years, Greenpeace has been at the forefront of the world’s most pressing environmental issues. These issues are global in nature and so are their solutions. With offices in over forty countries, Greenpeace is the leading independent environmental organisation that utilizes bold action, cutting-edge research and creative communications to protect the Earth. Greenpeace exposes global environmental problems and promotes the solutions that are essential to a green and peaceful future.

Greenpeace Middle East & North Africa (GP MENA), has a team based in Beirut, Lebanon, and was established as a foundation in the Netherlands in 2018. The office has been actively campaigning on diverse issues, such as water quality and scarcity, deforestation and desertification, air pollution due to urbanization as well as the protection of marine resources in Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and Morocco. 

About the Role

Greenpeace is looking for an experienced, entrepreneurial, and strategic individual to lead the GP MENA Office. This is an exciting new opportunity to effectively promote and expand GP MENA’s profile and its activities across the region and play a fundamental role in GP’s ability to influence, impact and enable systemic change. The Executive Director will lead the Beirut team and, in close collaboration with the GP MENA Supervisory Board and with Greenpeace International, they will develop and implement strategic plans for Greenpeace MENA and projects related to its program, fundraising and organizational development.

The successful candidate will be joining a highly motivated, international and talented team of individuals and will provide strategic leadership and effective management of the ongoing operations of the MENA office. Building on current successes, the candidate will ensure impactful environmental campaigns and activities leading towards pan-regional, sustainable and environmentally-friendly changes.

Purpose of the Role

The Executive Director leads, develops and implements GP MENA’s strategy, thereby effectively promoting GP MENA’s profile in the region. They ensure effective, efficient, and timely delivery of results that are strategically aligned with Greenpeace International’s global strategy.

Duties and Responsibilities


  • Building and expanding the ongoing work of the GP MENA office, set strategic objectives and strategic priorities for campaigns and activities across the region, in close collaboration with the Team, the GP MENA Supervisory Board and the Greenpeace International.
  • Provide leadership and inspiration to staff and volunteers to ensure a common vision and sense of purpose across the region.
  • Build a cohesive team while bridging cultural and political differences to enable synergies efforts towards shared goals.
  • Ensure that there is a common understanding among staff, volunteers and other key stakeholders of the organisation’s vision, mission, strategic objectives and priorities, with a specific focus on the regional scope of Greenpeace MENA.

Strategic development 

  • Ensure activities are developed, planned and implemented to strengthen the regional scope of Greenpeace MENA’s activities and presence in the region.
  • Monitor, review and as necessary amend the strategy on a regular basis in response to the external environment and in partnership with Greenpeace International.
  • Monitor and review the external environment for changes and developments that may affect the organisation and based on policies and decisions by the board and in partnership with Greenpeace International, take action to amend or implement new plans as necessary. 
  • Ensure that the organisation fulfils all its legal statutory and regulatory responsibilities.
  • Ensure that organisational and individual risks are identified, understood and monitored and that there are systems in place to mitigate the risks, without compromising the organisation’s capacity for effective action or the individual’s personal safety.
  • Take responsibility for the overall financial health of the organisation and ensure that appropriate financial and auditing systems are in place, so as to safeguard the organisation’s financial and other assets, and ensure the organisation is run efficiently and effectively.


  • Ensure that all elements and standards of the Operating Model in Greenpeace are implemented, and all operations are in line with the related accountabilities towards Greenpeace International.
  • Be responsible for the overall control of the operations of the GP MENA office, including the implementation and evaluation of its strategies, policies, campaigns, financial, marketing, communications and administrative programmes, all according to Greenpeace’s core values.


  • Develop the office’s public profile and foster appropriate and productive relations with for instance other non-governmental organisations, media organisations, and government, statutory and private bodies.
  • Represent GP MENA and act as a spokesperson at public functions, meetings and to the media.

Skills and Experience

  • Highly motivated and experienced manager and leader with a wide-ranging management experience, including operations, marketing, finance, human resources, IT, campaigning, media, fundraising, duty of care and risk management as well as investigations.
  • Strong leadership with the ability to guide and inspire others, bring together individuals with strong personal commitment and potentially divergent opinions and easily and empathetically engage with people from a wide range of backgrounds, cultures and viewpoints.
  • Excellent understanding of regional political, identity and religious dynamics and key stakeholders.
  • Direct experience in developing and implementing strategic plans as well as in playing a proactive role in identifying opportunities for actions and in developing strategic partnerships.
  • Good knowledge of the environmental issues and key stakeholders that are the focus of Greenpeace MENA’s campaigns and activities.
  • Commitment to Greenpeace’s core values in response to environmental and peace issues through non-violent direct action-led campaigning in line with its mission.
  • Experience in board-level relations and knowledge of governance in the non-governmental sector.
  • Substantial knowledge of campaigning and advocacy as a strategy to generate change.
  • Thorough understanding of, and experience in, seeking voluntary financial contributions by engaging individuals and charitable foundations and in developing and implementing successful fundraising strategies.
  • Understanding of, and experience in, inviting and engaging volunteers, supporters and others to work together to facilitate social change.
  • Willingness to travel extensively in the region.