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Greenpeace Germany

Executive Director Campaigns

Do you want to create a healthier, more peaceful world for our generation and those who follow us? Can you focus attention on the issues that really matter? Have you taken part in civil disobedience, or would you be prepared to do so in future?

If so, and if you show us that you have the necessary attributes and drive, then you could be part of the Greenpeace Germany executive team, a team which will consist of three executive directors to address today’s pressing social and environmental requirements.

Mission Talent is working on behalf of Greenpeace Germany looking for a leader with the foresight to anticipate future issues; the emotional intelligence to work within a tripartite leadership team; and the imagination to create, lead and take part in highly-visible actions.

Aims of the role:

  • Extend Greenpeace’s campaigning; steering the development of new topics as the organisation adapts to new societal and political developments;
  • turn Greenpeace’s strategies into real campaigns; leading themes and senior staff;
  • represent Greenpeace Germany in international leadership meetings; giving voice to their topics and campaigns;
  • position Greenpeace Germany within international committees and decision-making structures;
  • take leadership in developing non-violent action nationally and internationally;
  • together with the other EDs, develop staff, with a particular focus on existing junior staff.


  • Experience leading a team in a campaign organisation with an international context;
  • able to work within a leadership team of three to lead Greenpeace’s most affluent branch with 250 staff members;
  • able to conceive, supervise and execute campaigns on a regional and international scale;
  • good political and strategic vision with an extensive knowledge of the political landscape and economic structures, both nationally and internationally;
  • excellent command of English and at least basic knowledge of German, with the will to improve;
  • willingness to contribute personally to big campaigns;
  • clear identification with the values and approaches of Greenpeace.

Greenpeace is an independent global campaigning organisation that acts to change attitudes and behaviour, to protect and conserve the environment and to promote peace. Greenpeace is non-partisian and independent of politics, parties or industries. 580 000 people in Germany  give to Greenpeace annually, ensuring that their daily work to protect the environment can continue.