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Greenpeace Africa

Oceans Campaigner

About Greenpeace Africa

Greenpeace Africa is the direct offshoot of the Greenpeace movement that began in 1971. Working with local partners in more than 40 countries across the globe, they raise African voices to help find real, sustainable solutions for the entire planet and a greener environment. With investments in research, lobbying, quiet diplomacy and even sometimes high profile non-violent direct action, they are best known for promoting open and informed debate about the environmental choices people can all make. Today, Greenpeace is the biggest environmental group in the world known for their protests, including exposing over 30 years of illegal fishing by Chinese companies in West Africa and ending LEGO’s 50 year link with Shell through its Save the Arctic campaign.

The Oceans Campaign, one of Greenpeace’s major campaigns in Africa, seeks to protect the oceans from illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing, pollution; as well as ensuring that any fisheries produce is consumed fairly and sustainably for key stakeholders who rely on the Oceans for their source of livelihood and protein.

Roles and Responsibilities

Strategy Development

  • Develop and lead campaign strategies and tactics with socio-economic, political and legislative components to ensure Greenpeace Africa can change public, government and business behaviour—as well as influence the development of national and international policy and legislation. 

External stakeholder management

  • Develop and strengthen relationships, collaborating with industry actors, NGOs, local partners and representatives, UN Agencies, community leaders and national and international stakeholders involved in the Oceans Campaign.
  • Actively represent Greenpeace in public events, acting as a spokesperson at external meetings with business: scientific partners; government representatives and the media.


  • Develop and lead the production of campaign materials targeted at specific audiences.
  • Liaise with Greenpeace International and other Greenpeace Africa teams on campaign objectives.
  • Participate to ensure that the Oceans Campaign team is always visible.

Campaign Project Management 

  • Prepare reports for the Senior Oceans Campaigns Manager.
  • Manage project budgets and expenditure as directed by the Senior Oceans Campaign Manager.
  • Coordinate and manage all the logistics of the various campaign activities. 

Required Technical Competencies

  • Written and spoken fluency in one West African native language, along with English and French.
  • Understanding of media advocacy with knowledge or experience in at least three of the following: cyber-activism, audio-visual production and editing tools (including non-linear editing and script-writing), New Media (web, SMS, social networks, blogs), viral and guerrilla marketing campaign techniques, international broadcasting and television news agencies needs and requirements.
  • Campaigning track record with an understanding of the needs of a campaign organisation.
  • Editorial Media training and ability to act as a spokesperson for the organisation.
  • Awareness and knowledge of environmental and ecological concepts, regional socio-economic rights, politics and the role of international policy across West Africa’s fisheries sectors.

Preferred Minimum Qualifications and Experience

  • Undergraduate Degree.
  • Experience in an NGO or other activity in the public interest.
  • Knowledge and experience of direct action and an understanding of how campaigns can make a difference.
  • Understanding of the issues linked to fishing and the oceans.