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Programme Leader for Arab Countries


Greenpeace Mediterranean has ambitious environmental goals in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA). To achieve their objective, Greenpeace has tasked Mission Talent to search for an active and engaged leader, who will be part of the Senior Management Team (SMT) to lead the operations in the region. The Programme Leader (PL) for Arab Countries will be responsible for contributing and executing the plans in the region, in accordance with the strategic direction collectively formulated by SMT for the region, and oversee staff in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestinian occupied territories.


Programme Development and Implementation

  • Identify and propose opportunities to the SMT contributing to the strategic direction in a fast paced environment, providing a vision for the development of GP’s presence in the Arab World 
  • Participate in the planning process, covering campaigns, actions, volunteers, communications and new media, concerning the region
  • Create the environment for the project teams to work on their projects in harmony and efficiently towards reaching their goals
  • Participate in the project evaluation process and implement the recommendations of the evaluation.

Management and Coordination of Team

  • Line manage all the staff in the region (except for Finance and Fundraising team), making sure that they follow the strategic directions set by SMT
  • Building the regional team

Budget Management

  • Manage the budgets for the region within the defined plans (except for fundraising and finance units)


  • Hold overall responsibility for the organization’s legal standing in the region. This includes the organization’s registration and subsequent reporting and governance. 
  • Be the first and main point of contact for all legal service-providers in the region.


  • Represent Greenpeace in public, media, network of opinion leaders, academia and NGOs in the region. This responsibility may be delegated to appropriate staff where and when needed.

HR and Working Culture

  • Maintain overall responsibility for the overall dynamic and working culture of staff. 
  • Make sure staff members implement Greenpeace core values into their daily work
  • Participate in the recruitment of staff, make the decision to assign new staff together with the related director
  • Oversee the evaluation and learning cycle of staff, in conjunction with the functional departments
  • Where requested, collaborate with other directors in mediating and resolving conflict involving staff
  • Ensure ongoing reporting from the various staff members, into their teams and to the office in general
  • Conduct regular staff meetings.

Facilities and Office Operations

  • Oversee the rent/purchase and keeping of a healthy, effective and environment friendly workspace for staff
  • In case of threats to staff security (such as war, unrest or other hostilities), be the security manager all staff and for the broader organization. 


  • The PL directly reports to Executive Director of GP Mediterranean
  • Being an SMT member, the PL works very closely with unit heads, directors and managers in their respective departments. 



  • 3 years+ experience in team-management, able to support and guide staff, able to inspire team spirit and ability to resolve conflicts
  • Experience in preparing detailed and realistic plans and budget management. 

Skills and Attributes

  • Understanding of and ability to analyze political, economic and environmental trends and developments in the MENA region
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Result oriented, able to meet deadlines, proactive
  • Work with sensitive information
  • Project management skills
  • Experience in working in a cross-cultural environment, able to deal with challenging situations
  • Ability to travel to countries in the region
  • Fluent in Arabic and English
  • Commitment to Greenpeace’s core values in response to environmental and peace issues through non-violent direct action-led campaigning in line with its mission