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Greenpeace Africa

Regional Development Director

About Greenpeace Africa

Greenpeace Africa is a direct offshoot of the Greenpeace movement that began in 1971. Working with local partners in more than 40 countries across the globe they raise African voices to help find real, sustainable solutions for the entire planet—as well as a greener environment. With investments in research, lobbying, quiet diplomacy and sometimes high profile non-violent direct action, they are best known for promoting open and informed debate about the environmental choices people can make.

Main purpose of the role

Reporting to: Greenpeace Africa Executive Director
Direct reports: Country coordinators, Admin Manager (SA), IT Manager (SA)

  • As the Regional Development Director you will be responsible for political and geographical growth as well as development of Greenpeace Africa’s footprint in the African region. This will include a deep understanding of regional organizations on the continent including the AU, ECOWAS, and SADC so that Greenpeace Africa is linked with policy engagement opportunities.
  • You will ensure that the infrastructure of the existing offices is upgraded so they can function as regional hubs and that they provide visibility, credibility and relevance for Greenpeace Africa.
  • You will plan and manage Greenpeace Africa’s presence within political, administrative, financial and operations perspectives in countries where the organization does not have a formal or official presence.
  • You will advise the Senior Management team on establishing presence, which should be driven by programmatic, engagement or fundraising needs.

Main responsibilities

Continental strategy, development and implementation

  • Advise the Executive Director and Senior Management Team on opportunities to establish new presence; develop; up-scale or down-scale existing offices in line with Greenpeace Africa’s priorities.
  • Advise on strategic, development and political issues and link these to the organization’s strategy using research and business analysis frameworks and tools;
  • Understand Greenpeace National Regional Offices’ models and inform the ED and SMT on external trends and developments, relevant synergies and learning models across the globe in line with the organization’s operating model

Maintaining and developing current offices’ infrastructure

  • Maintain, develop and strengthen the operational infrastructure of existing Greenpeace Africa offices for better efficiency and create a good working environment for staff.

Setting-up of new offices

  • Manage and coordinate the setting up and registration of new (physical, virtual and temporary) offices and their infrastructure (IT, office space, tools and equipment) in Africa in compliance with the legal requirements in the selected countries.
  • Obtain licenses from GPI in conjunction with the ED;
  • Set up and support projects in new offices, including policies and systems for efficient operations;
  • Align Greenpeace Africa policies and systems in new countries to Greenpeace global rules, policies, local legislation (labor, organizational and financial) and corporate governance rules;
  • Establish mutually beneficial and positive relationships with other groups, partners and institutions to ensure the organization’s credibility in implementing projects, including approving institutional messaging and materials.


  • Support growth and development annual audits in all offices as part of the annual reporting process to the board.
  • Ensure optimal working conditions for safe and secure work environments for staff in compliance with local Health and Safety standards legislation.

Budget Management

  • Monitor and maintain efficient operational budgets in new countries and for projects where Greenpeace Africa has an established presence.
  • Report budget deviations to the Finance Director for approvals.
  • Ensure delivery of projects within agreed timelines and budget limits.

Qualifications and Experience

Bachelor Degree in Project Management/Law/Political Science or related field or twelve years equivalent work experience.