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Greenpeace International

Board Member Treasurer

About Greenpeace 

Greenpeace is an independent campaigning network that uses non-violent, creative confrontation to expose global environmental problems and to force the solutions which are essential to a green and peaceful future. Greenpeace’s goal is to ensure the ability of the Earth to nurture life in all its diversity.

Therefore, Greenpeace seeks to: protect biodiversity in all its forms, prevent pollution and abuse of the Earth’s ocean, land, air, and freshwater, end all nuclear threats, and promote peace, global disarmament, and non-violence globally.

Seeking a green and peaceful world, Greenpeace offers people worldwide a clear and positive vision of the future of our planet while implementing people-centred and innovative campaigns across all regions. Based on the best science available, Greenpeace is setting goals for the environmental boundaries that must be respected. It cannot be crossed while tackling the mindsets and power dynamics currently contributing to the global climate crisis.

About Greenpeace International

Within the Greenpeace network, Greenpeace International (GPI) provides coordination and support. Greenpeace International is legally based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and about 50% of its staff is dispersed – i.e., employed through the national/regional Greenpeace organisations worldwide. 

About the Role

The Treasurer of the GPI Board is responsible for oversight of the financial administration of the organisation. This position will review procedures and financial reporting and advise the Board on the financial and fundraising strategies. It is expected this person to work closely with the International Finance Director. The Treasurer will support Greenpeace National and Regional organisations when financial expertise and legal/financial structures are required. 

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Chair the Board Audit Committee (BAC); The BAC is the only standing subcommittee of the Board and consists of the Treasurer, two other Board members (one of whom may be the Chair), up to three trustees, and GPI staff- generally the COO, International Finance Director (IFD), Internal Auditor and others. As a standing subcommittee, the Board should formally approve the trustee members;
  • The BAC meetings occur at least quarterly to review the GPI Financial Management Reports and Global Finance and Fundraising Reports, internal audit reports, Risk register, review of the Global Resource Plan (GRP) development, and other issues related to finance and fundraising;
  • Act as lead Board member in assessing the financial sustainability of the organisation and the alignment between the financial decisions of management and the overall organisational strategy. 
  • Review the annual financial statements and provide input as required. Additional meetings are held as needed, such as the GRP or other one-off issues requiring specialist financial overview;
  • Report to the Board on the BAC meetings in writing or verbally (when there is less than a week between the meetings);
  • Liaise with the International Finance Director (IFD) to offer support and steer as needed. Usually, meetings occur before each BAC meeting to review the agenda and the BAC action points list;
  • Monthly liaise with the Internal Auditor (IA), who is line managed by the International Executive Director (IED)/DEDO, to provide technical management and supervision;
  • Held meetings with external auditors (BDO) twice a year (generally at a BAC meeting) following the interim and year-end audits;
  • The Treasurer and Board annually review the relationship with the external auditor, and if reappointment is required, the Treasurer participates in the recruitment process (e.g., the second round of interviews);
  • Meet as required with Greenpeace National and Regional organisations (NROs) staff and other one-off project managers to discuss projects requiring financial expertise and oversight, for example, recent ‘survival plans’ for NROs in challenging environments that require complex legal and financial structures to ensure that they can continue to function;
  • Review and discuss the very detailed fundraising plans, legal/financial structures, and costings for the New Ship project;
  • Work closely with the Board Chair and the Governance Coordinator to propose and monitor the governance budget each year;
  • Advise the Chair and Board on the IED salary package;
  • Work with the IFD and COO to plan and deliver the webinars for the trustees on the Global Resource Plan (GRP) before the Annual General Meeting (AGM). These are currently pairs of webinars (to allow for time zones) of meetings at the initial stage (background and assumptions) and the final draft stage to allow for trustee input and questions;
  • Chair the GRP session at the AGM,  which notes the GRP and votes on the Year 1 budget ceiling (one of the key responsibilities of the Council);
  • Prepare the Finance section of the annual Board Report to the Council, which covers the financial outturn of the previous year, including an explanation of variances from the budget ceiling and other financial matters;
  • Act as an informal vice-Chair and take on the role of Chair at meetings and other duties when required;
  • Take on the role of Whistle Blowing Officer (WBO), liaising with the Integrity Officer and Chair on formal complaints to the Board or directly to the WBO.

Skills and Experience

  • Commitment to non-violent direct action and civil disobedience as a legitimate means to making change;
  • Proven experience in the financial overview of international organisations.
  • A track record of having creative approaches in identifying new sources and financing mechanisms.
  • Evidence of positive and strong governance experience, preferably in a complex multi-cultural global organisation or network;
  • Evidence of understanding and practice of organisational strategic planning;
  • Evidence of understanding informed risk-taking and risk mitigation;
  • Evidence of ability to constructively offer guidance about appropriate processes that lead to timely decision-making and assist the International Executive Director both in the making and reviewing critical executive decisions;
  • Evidence of a commitment to environmental and social action;
  • Possession of principles and integrity in alignment with Greenpeace’s values;
  • Experience with – and interest in – Greenpeace’s campaign issues;
  • Evidence of social, political, and economic analytical skills;
  • Ability to work in a consensus decision-making environment (team player);
  • Evidence of fluency in written and spoken English;
  • Evidence of basic computer skills.

Term of Office

Our governance rules establish that the Board Treasurer is an elected member of the GPI Board, chosen by their peers. The Council of Trustees must first elect candidates identified as potential Treasurers through a contested election. Their term is for two or three years. Once elected, the Board may proceed to confirm them for the position of Treasurer.

The position of Treasurer will become vacant on 31 March 2023.

Time Commitment

Roughly 30 – 40 days per year, including face-to-face Board meetings, travel, emails, and similar. For 2023 there are four meetings scheduled already, two in-person (2-3 full working days) and two online (over a period of 8-10 hours).

Financial Support

Under GPI’s governance rules, Board members, as well as the Chair, are eligible to request a maximised amount of compensation for time spent on fulfilling their responsibilities (such as their fiduciary, strategic and policy-setting activities and their supervisory duties). The level of compensation is in line with the guidelines provided by the Dutch tax authorities.