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Executive Director


The International Association of Internet Hotline Providers coordinates a network of Internet Hotlines all over the world, supporting them in responding to reports of illegal content to make the Internet safer. Founded in 1999, it has grown to a network of 44 Hotlines in 46 countries, funded and supported by the European Commission under the Safer Internet Program. The INHOPE Foundation is a charity constituted to help new hotlines starting up in emerging markets.

INHOPE’s mission is to support and enhance the performance of Internet Hotlines around the world; ensuring swift action is taken in responding to reports of CSAM. To achieve this mission, INHOPE has five specific objectives:

  • to establish policies and best practice standards for hotlines and encourage exchange of expertise among members;
  • to ensure rapid and effective response to illegal content reports around the world by developing consistent, effective and secure mechanisms for exchanging reports between hotlines internationally and ensuring a coordinated approach;
  • to expand the network of INHOPE hotlines around the world by identifying and supporting new hotlines to become members by providing consultation and training;
  • to promote a better understanding of the work of hotlines to policymakers at an international level; including government, law enforcement and other related bodies, with the aim of achieving better cooperation internationally; and
  • to raise awareness of INHOPE and member hotlines with key stakeholders as well as the general public as a “one stop shop” for reports of CSAM from around the world.

About you

  • You have the experience and natural authority to lead and manage an umbrella organization of members working across cultures, as well as a Board and a core office team.
  • You identify with the mission of INHOPE and understands how developments in technology may affect members’ work and the wider sector, as well as setting the direction for INHOPE’s expansion.
  • You have experience leading within a network or similar membership context, creating synergies and solving problems, including interactions with law enforcement and industry.
  • You have the political skills to navigate and resolve problems, as well as to influence members, the board and external stakeholders.
  • You have a track record of meeting program goals and deadlines, developing new initiatives with partners and identifying expansion opportunities.

Main Purpose of the Role

The Executive Director is responsible for helping create and deliver the strategic organisational goals and objectives of INHOPE (association & foundation) in accordance with policies set by the INHOPE Board. The person must be visionary and open to strategic input by all staff members and the child protection environment.

The Executive Director is responsible for fundraising, with a goal to diversify the current financial models; strategic planning for product and service delivery; as well as leading all departments to meet operational needs. The Executive Director will oversee all aspects within the association in addition to serving as a member of the INHOPE Foundation Board.

The headquarters of INHOPE are located in Amsterdam, Netherlands and the Executive Director must reside in or close to Amsterdam in order to support the INHOPE Secretariat on a daily basis. This position requires a creative and innovative candidate who can balance the many needs of the membership with the abilities and limited resources of the INHOPE secretariat.

We require an enthusiastic and a self-motivated candidate who enjoys both the strategic elements of management coupled with fundraising and hands-on maintenance of daily operations. In addition, qualified candidates must possess abstract thinking skills and the ability to enhance and deliver on assigned projects of work with minimal oversight.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Together with the Board, ensure that INHOPE leads the international movement of Internet hotlines
  • Responsible for creating, implementing and maintaining the strategic plan
  • Responsible for managing the fundraising staff and strategy
  • Pursue strategic alliances and maintain effective working relationships with governments, international bodies, law enforcement agencies, child welfare organisations and other bodies to achieve the objectives of INHOPE
  • Responsible for the management and administration of the INHOPE Secretariat within the strategic and accountability frameworks laid down by the Board
  • Responsible for the administration of the Association’s operations, including reviewing and evaluating the results of program activities and allocating resources for greater program effectiveness and efficiency
  • Ensure compliance with all legal rules and regulations across various jurisdictions and that contractual obligations are being fulfilled
  • Provide reports, accounts and briefing materials to the Board
  • Provide reports and briefing material, as needed, to the European Commission to comply with grant and tender regulations
  • Provide leadership to the INHOPE secretariat; directing INHOPE’s staff in the development and implementation of short and long range plans and policies and other activities, recruiting, developing, monitoring and coaching towards achieving INHOPE’s objectives, and develop and maintain a working environment that attracts, retains and motivates good quality staff.
  • Manage the INHOPE Association/Foundation finances and assets, including developing and implementing financial plans and preparing annual budget proposals
  • Help expand INHOPE’s network internationally
  • Foster good communication throughout INHOPE and its members and identify membership issues/problems within the INHOPE network; take appropriate action to ensure that the standards, and efficiency of the Association are maintained in accordance with all Governing Documents
  • Represent INHOPE at relevant external conferences, events, and forums as appropriate as well as all forms of media outlets.