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Moores Rowland in Indonesia

Starling Resources Director

Based in Bali, Starling Resources is an internationally-recognized consultancy with a track record of creating practical solutions for some of the most important economic, environmental and social problems facing companies, government agencies, and non-profit groups across Asia. The Director will take charge of the organizational development and growth strategy, as well as managing an experienced team that advise clients in the areas of conservation, climate and carbon issues, fisheries management, and forestry and land use.

About Starling Resources

Starling Resources is the sustainability consulting and advisory practice within Moores Rowland, an Indonesia-based group of business specialists all committed to providing cutting-edge solutions to complex natural resource management challenges in the Asia Pacific and across the globe.

Their clients and partners include international donors, multilateral agencies, local governments and private companies, as well as international and local NGOs. Starling Resources is a small and collaborative group that maintains an egalitarian work environment that prioritizes its staff’s professional development, providing opportunities for them to excel and attain internationally-relevant experience.

Their core competencies include:

  • sustainable financing and business planning;
  • institutional development and strengthening;
  • capacity development;
  • stakeholder engagement and participatory decision-making;
  • policy research and engagement;
  • project development and management; and
  • framework and methodology development.

Starling applies these competencies to conservation, climate and carbon issues, fisheries management, and forestry and land use.

About the Role

Starling Resources is seeking a new Director with a sense of adventure and a strong desire to lead a dynamic team in an exciting and challenging environment to make a real difference to sustainable natural resource management and conservation. The person will take on all aspects of organizational management and oversight, including personnel and financial management, as well as business and organizational strategy development. The Director will oversee a small team of full-time and contracted staff, both in the Bali office and in the field.

Purpose of the Role

The Director will be liaising with clients and partners across sectors, including US-based philanthropies, international NGOs, corporates, multi-lateral institutions, and local governments. The person will manage and support the development of staff members while overseeing contracted staff and being called upon to provide project oversight, management and quality control for all public- and client-facing deliverables.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Manage a team of several consultants, field staff, and administration, including staff evaluation, time allocation, and day-to-day direction;
  • Lead business development including outreach to current and new clients, and assessing business opportunities;
  • Developing proposals, concept notes, and project design;
  • Oversee grant/contract structure with support from the administration team;
  • Manage organizational and project-based budgets and financial planning;
  • Lead and/or contribute to project-related tasks: management, programmatic activities, and technical analysis as required;
  • Lead the planning and implementation of project activities;
  • Oversee the development of project-based deliverables, including monitoring and evaluation;
  • Develop the organizational strategy and overall internal institutional development.

Skills and Experience

  • Strong initiative, persistence, and follow-through;
  • Highly organized and attentive to detail;
  • Superior people management skills;
  • Strong written and spoken English communication skills;
  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision;
  • Expertise in the implementation of environmental initiatives;
  • Experience leading small teams and/or organizations including oversight of programs, budgets, and strategies;
  • Experience in areas related to Starling Resources’ core competencies which may include natural resource-based business and strategy, conservation and environmental finance, forestry and sustainable land use, fisheries, environmental policy and planning, sustainable economic development; and other similar disciplines;
  • International experience, preferably in the Asia Pacific region.