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Oil Change International

Regional Program Director

About Oil Change International

Oil Change International is a nonprofit organization that campaigns to expose the true costs of fossil fuels and facilitate the ongoing transition towards clean energy. They wage hard-hitting campaigns grounded in solid and credible research to confront the fossil fuel industry and its responsibility for the climate crisis and push for policy change toward a socially just and environmentally sustainable future. Oil Change International works together with a broad network of allies around the world to overcome the political barriers to a clean energy transition and advance a rapid and just transition off of fossil fuels.

Founded in 2005, Oil Change International now has a creative, passionate, dedicated staff of twenty across seven countries and a supporter base of hundreds of thousands. Known for its credible, insightful research on the fossil fuel industry and hard-hitting campaigns, Oil Change is a talented group that continues to punch above its weight.

About the Role

The Regional Programs Director is responsible for supporting Oil Change International’s three regional program areas (Africa, Asia, and the United States) in delivering meaningful and significant advances in challenging the fossil fuel industry in those regions. The Regional Programs Director will initially support three regional teams in developing strategies to fight infrastructure projects, develop policy and finance-focused campaigns, challenge the industry’s social license in each area, and support movements. The Regional Programs Director will manage the U.S. and Asia program managers and work closely with the Africa director and will be a member of the organization’s senior leadership team.

Purpose of the Role

The Regional Programs Director will support OCI’s regional teams (currently Africa, Asia, and the United States) in creating and implementing effective strategies to stop fossil fuel expansion. This position will assist the regional leads in achieving regional objectives, facilitating cross-regional collaboration, and ensuring strategic collaboration with the organization’s global strategies to move governments and institutions away from permitting and financing oil and gas extraction. This position will work in partnership with the Global Campaigns Director.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Support regional program managers in developing, prioritizing, and implementing regional strategies and building team capacity, working together toward OCI’s shared mission. 
  • Co-create and support the implementation of regional strategies that interrelate with one another and connect with global policy and finance strategies, ensuring the organization’s overall strategic direction moves toward achieving OCI’s mission.
  • Empower and mentor staff across regional teams by ensuring they have the resources, tools, and organizational support to develop and pursue campaign efforts in a sustainable way, contribute to the goals of the broader organization, and follow their professional development. 
  • With Program Managers, collectively establish regional program priorities through regular planning, clear work plans, and measurable objectives. 
  • Support programmatic work within the team where needed, including outreach to allies, joining coalition calls, reviewing press statements, talking to media, etc. 
  • Support regional programs with budgeting and financial tracking.
  • Support regional program managers in evaluating and communicating outputs and outcomes. 
  • Coordinate quarterly and annual planning processes and support tracking of accomplishments across regional teams, supporting ongoing learning, evaluation, and prioritisation.
  • Collaborate with theExecutive Director and other members of the Senior Leadership Team in setting and driving organizational vision and strategy. 
  • Collaborate with members of the Senior Leadership Team to ensure a healthy, inclusive and empowering organizational culture and structure that moves us closer to living out organizational values and commitment to racial justice and equity, including through direct feedback, transparent practices, and collaborative workspaces.
  • Actively engage in fundraising efforts, including outreach and relationship building with foundations, online fundraising execution or support, outreach to donors or potential donors, and developing grant proposals and reports.
  • Support the coordination of communications efforts, working closely with the communications team to develop and advance regional and organizational communications goals. 

Skills and Experience

  • Ten or more years of experience with advocacy efforts addressing social justice, progressive causes, or direct energy and climate change experience.
  • Five or more years of experience in personnel management.
  • Excellent people skills and experience working in and collaborating across small teams.
  • Experience managing and growing small teams in a way that supports shared leadership and staff development.
  • Experience working in a remote workplace and using online collaboration tools.
  • Demonstrated commitment to social and environmental justice, a passion for advocacy and campaigning, and a collaborative, team-oriented work style.
  • A strong network in the climate justice, environmental justice, and/or general progressive movement spaces.
  • Familiarity/experience with the climate and energy movements, fossil fuel industry, global policy, and/or public finance for fossil fuels.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Fundraising and budgeting experience.
  • A strategic and collaborative manager who is a creative problem-solver and is able to empower your team to focus and prioritise.
  • A person who values equity, integrity, and transparent communication.
  • Emotional intelligence and proven ability to foster strong team health and a culture of anti-oppression, diversity, and inclusion.
  • Significant experience with advocacy efforts addressing social justice, progressive causes, or direct energy and climate change experience.
  • Experience managing senior-level employees.
  • Sensitivity to issues of privilege, class, and race, and dedication to incorporating principles of justice into both internal organizational and external campaign work and alignment with OCI’s values.


Oil Change International offers a generous salary and benefits package, including paid health and wellness benefits. We believe everyone needs to restore and recharge, which is why we’ve adopted policies of flexible working arrangements and every other Friday off. We also offer 5 weeks paid vacation, 10 paid sick days, 10 flexible holidays, and 6 all-staff holidays. We provide cell phone and internet reimbursements, and support in setting up your home office, or a local co-working space. We also encourage and offer funds for professional development, and a paid sabbatical after 7 years of service. As supporters of paid family leave, we also provide regular full-time employees a minimum 12 weeks (480 hours) of paid, new parent leave for the care of a newborn, adoption of a child, or foster care placement.