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Open Education Global

Executive Director

About OEGlobal

Open Education Global (OEGlobal), formally known as Open Education Consortium, is a worldwide community transforming education systems by stewarding a movement toward openness in all aspects of education. OEG builds awareness, understanding, and advocacy for openness in education as well as provides shared accessible pedagogic and research resources, so that it can benefit everyone.

A person’s location, income, social standing, or any other factor should not be a barrier to a quality education. Open education maximizes access and participation by ensuring education is inclusive, equitable, adaptable, and supportive of life-long learning for all people across the globe.

OEGlobal works to foster opportunities to co-create and share ideas to grow and spread  openness in education around the world. Registered as a non-profit in the United States, OEGlobal operates globally as a membership organization. To promote empowerment through open education, OEGlobal will launch new initiatives in three areas of focus: 

  • Field building: Focusing on educators, administrators, and government, and the open education interconnections between them, while expanding reach, representation, and engagement with different regions worldwide. 
  • Knowledge exchange: Forging peer-to-peer relationships through mentoring, research connections, and possibly developing an open education standards framework. 
  • Value co-creation networks: Creating networks made up of players across the ecosystem who collaboratively work on open education resources, practices, and pedagogies together.

OEGlobal activities include:

  • Open Education Week
  • Open Education Awards for Excellence
  • Open Education Global Conference
  • Regional Nodes
    • Community College Consortium for Open Education Resources (CCCOER)
    • LATAM Regional Node

About the Role

The new Executive Director will provide strategic vision and guidance to the organization and oversee the continued implementation of the 2021-2030 strategic plan: Open for Public Good. As part of the role, the Executive Director will lead a small, globally-dispersed team and provide an inclusive and caring management style to support diverse staff, members, and key stakeholders worldwide. The Executive Director will communicate with current donors while developing and executing a fundraising strategy and advocating to represent the Open Education Community before a wide range of stakeholders worldwide. 

Duties and Responsibilities:


  • Implement the recently developed strategy for 2021-2030; 
  • Support the organizational vision and mission in accordance with the new strategy;
  • Identify challenges and opportunities to advance and support OEGlobal’s mission;
  • Act as the key spokesperson and thought leader for the organization, including giving speeches, workshops, and presentations at international conferences and meetings around the world;
  • Develop and maintain partnerships and strategic relationships with partner organizations, donors, governments, and international agencies;
  • Model and support a culture of care within the organization and the community;
  • Demonstrate the highest standards of integrity, inclusiveness, and transparency.


  • Develop operational plans in support of OEGlobal’s 2021-2030 strategic plan: Open For Public Good;
  • Oversee the efficient and effective operation of the organization;
  • Oversee the technology and infrastructure used by OEGlobal to ensure efficiency and productivity of operations;
  • Manage human, financial, and other resources to achieve and comply with  organizational objectives, including the development of talent and the overall organization growth strategy;
  • Mentor, manage and support a small, high performing team:
    • Identify opportunities that strengthen cross-organizational collaboration and teamwork;
    • Model collaboration, effective decision making, creativity, innovation, and learning;
    • Build a caring culture of diversity and inclusivity across cultures and languages;
    • Maximize team building, virtually and in periodic face-to-face meetings;
  • Ensure the organization’s operations and policies comply with all applicable laws, including registration, annual tax filings, and labor law compliance;
  • Liaise with the Board of Directors, including meeting preparation, communications, and agenda-setting.

Planning and Fundraising

  • Develop and execute new strategies to provide base OEGlobal revenue stream and fundraising efforts in close collaboration with the Board of Directors;
  • Identify key funders and potential donors;
  • Write proposals and draft reports aligned with funder goals and funded initiatives;
  • Cultivate strategic and mutually beneficial relationships with foundations, donors, corporations, and other key stakeholders;
  • Ensure effective financial stewardship and long-term fiscal sustainability for the organization.

Skills and Experience

  • International leadership and management experience, preferably in a small nonprofit;
  • Understanding of open education landscapes around the world;
  • Track record of leading successful collaborations with nonprofit organizations, donors, and governmental and intergovernmental organizations;
  • Experience with organizational and strategic planning; 
  • Solid financial management and fundraising experience;
  • Highly developed cross-cultural communication skills, respect for diversity, and ability to lead multicultural and globally distributed teams;
  • Excellent speaking and writing skills in English. Additional language is highly desirable;
  • Creative problem solving and adaptability to respond to and anticipate developments related to openness in education;
  • Strong public speaking and representation skills.

Open Education Global’s Culture 

OEGlobal’s culture is rooted in the principles and practices of “openness”. 

The culture is shaped by their vision and mission:

  • Promote, support and advance open education around the world.
  • Believe in empowerment through education. 
  • Envision a world where everyone, everywhere has access to the high-quality education and training they desire; where education is seen as an essential, shared, and collaborative social good.

Transparency is OEGlobal default position.