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The OPEN Network

Executive Director

The OPEN Network is a force multiplier for activists and groups creating people-powered change in 19 countries. As Executive Director, you will lead the network into its new chapter, solidifying its strengths as a convener and advisor to progressive digitally-enabled organisations. You are skilled in organisational development, adept at working across cultures, and understand the place and the potential of a network. This role is an exciting opportunity for someone with a vision for connecting technology with social impact to coordinate and serve some of the world’s leading social change organisations.

About OPEN

In 2013, OPEN was founded by five organisations from different countries that shared values and a unique approach to organising: making engagement simple and accessible for every citizen. Through organising conferences, offering training and technical advice, OPEN became a multiplying force for other activists and groups around the world looking to create change at home. OPEN members are characterised by being progressive, digital, nimble, full-spectrum and member-led. Today, OPEN has grown to 19 groups in as many countries with 17 million supporters worldwide and a growing track record full of people-powered victories. The network currently counts 10 full members and 9 start-ups in various stages of launch.

Members join the network with the aim of achieving the following results:

  • Increased tactical range
  • Regular utilization of common resources
  • Accelerated strategic innovation and implementation of new programs
  • Cheaper & faster access to better technology
  • Rapid adoption and improvement of best practices
  • Heightened morale and inspiration
  • Enhanced staff recruitment and retention
  • Unique skills training and leadership development opportunities for network staff
  • Deepened awareness of priority global issues
  • Combined forces to win common campaigns.

Purpose of the Role

OPEN is poised to begin its third phase of organisational growth. The Executive Director will come into an organisation that is seeking to:

  • Expand its cohort of Full Member organisations that both exert a significant grassroots force in their country’s politics, and have achieved sustainability through diversity of funding and leadership.
  • Target proactive growth efforts towards leaders and countries with a high potential for organisational success, while consciously expanding our capacity to add value in places with less wealth and freedom than where OPEN started.
  • Provide significant and increasing value for founding organisations and full members, measured in terms of their own goals.
  • Create tech that makes life easy and affordable for startups, and a suite of world-class open source tools we develop in collaboration across the network that significantly enhance the work of mature organisations.
  • Regularly foster collaboration between members with shared targets or similar strategies and goals so that they can easily collaborate on campaigns for greater impact.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Executive Director will manage a senior team and oversee 10 staff currently located in six countries with four legal entities. The ED will report to the advisory board made up of OPEN members.

Leadership & Governance

  • Inspires, leads and supervises a senior team based in multiple countries, supporting their optimal performance and professional development.
  • Reports to the governing Board, developing and implementing the strategic vision and  fulfilling reporting requirements.
  • Oversees financial position of the organization and ensures efficient use of resources
  • Maintains authentic peer relationships shares information and insights with other executive directors and stakeholders within the Open Network.
  • Runs and coordinates the network in a way that is responsive to members and generates results.   

Organisational Development

  • Develops and optimizes internal systems for a professional and efficient organization
  • Creates a positive work culture for staff and fosters internal accountability
  • Navigates and maintains the infrastructure needed for OPEN to operate in multiple countries.


  • Leads strategy development and implementation in partnership with members, Board and other stakeholders.
  • Projects a vision connecting technology with social impact, identifying technical opportunities for OPEN to further its mission.
  • Understands global political developments to understand where opportunities lie for OPEN in new countries.

Networking & Resource Mobilisation

  • Mobilizes resources and identifies fundraising goals, bringing a relevant network for OPEN.
  • Positions the organization for further growth and consolidation.
  • Communicates the vision and mission of OPEN clearly with diverse internal and external stakeholders.
  • Carefully listens to the feedback of OPEN members and adapts the organization and network when needed.

Qualifications and Experience

Qualified candidates should have:

  • Executive leadership experience of an international nonprofit
  • Leadership experience in cross-cultural teams
  • Strong communication and listening skills
  • Experience in organizational development
  • Strong relationship skills and experience working in multi-stakeholder initiatives
  • Experience working with remote teams
  • Fundraising and resource mobilization experience
  • Familiarity with the OPEN model and its membership
  • Progressive values
  • Emotionally intelligent and a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Ability to travel
  • Fluent in English, additional languages are an advantage