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SOS Children's Villages International

International Representative

Role Objectives

As the representative for this region you will be responsible for Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and eventually northern Iraq. There is an autonomous SOS operation in each of these countries, all facing their own issues, and you will provide essential link between them and the regional office in Casablanca. 

You’ll be expected to build good relations with the management each of the countries at an early stage, creating a relationship of trust between equals that will mean you are seen as the “go to person” when something is needed from the Region. As a non-voting member of the board in each country, your persuasion and diplomacy will ensure that policies are followed while your drive to get things done will help them to resolve their problems.

At the same time, you will be expected to address issues of governance and see to it that each of the operations has proper separation of powers, as well as making certain that the operating model is being correctly implemented.

About you

You know how to strike up a good rapport with people from many different backgrounds and have the skills to know when you should be pushing for a particular outcome and when to settle for a compromise. You will be able to adapt to the cultural norms of the region and have an understanding of its political context.

You are well organised and capable of keeping a number of balls in the air at the same time. After an initial period involving a lot of travel and getting to know the organisation in each of the countries, you can expect this to settle down to around 10 days a month.

Fluency in English is essential and being able to speak Arabic is an advantage.


We expect you to be able to demonstrate that you are:

  • a relationship builder: able to win the confidence of others and establish a bond of trust between equals;
  • a diplomat: with the skills to know when you should be pushing for a particular outcome and when to settle for a compromise;
  • highly organised: able to manage and prioritise the pressing issues raised by operations in each of the four countries;
  • knowledgeable about governance: can make authoritative recommendations and oversee changes;
  • familiar with the local context: having understanding of the cultural norms, they are political context and even some of the actors in the region.