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WWF International

Country Director

About WaterAid

WaterAid is seen as the leading INGO in the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) sector and has been working in Burkina Faso since 2001 to increase access to safe water, adequate sanitation and good hygiene for the most marginalised communities. WaterAid’s advocacy has resulted in getting the right to water and sanitation into the country’s constitution, increasing political will and financing to support these rights, as well as accountability. As a result, the President has made a public commitment to a ‘Zero Water Burden’ for women.

WaterAid Burkina Faso is:

  • a catalyst for change combining support to WASH services and engagement with Government, donors, civil society organisations and community leaders to increase access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene for those without access to such basic services for life and dignity;
  • an innovative programme with scalable models adapted to poor communities in both rural and peri-urban areas;
  • a well–funded programme with funding secured over the next 5 years to sustain the gains that have been made and to continue growth.

About the Role

WaterAid is looking for a Country Director who shares a commitment to its vision, and a commitment to playing their part in changing what is considered normal. The role involves managing a senior management team and a budget of around GBP 5m. The person will have an appreciation and respect for different people and ideas, as well as the energy and expertise to help tackle the most important challenges.

In return, you can expect to be inspired by the change you help create, along with a sense of belonging and the feeling of being part of a global community. You will also experience stimulation and fulfilment, as well as the chance to grow, and space to be yourself at your best.

Purpose of the Role

The primary purpose of the Country Director is to provide leadership to the Country Programme and to contribute to the regional, pan-African and global leadership of WaterAid. The Country Director achieves this by steering the direction of the Country Programme and empowering and developing staff and partners. The Country Director is also responsible for influencing public and private institutions on the impact that improvements in safe water and improved sanitation and hygiene can make to the poorest and most excluded, that is, contributing to wider poverty reduction and human development.

The Country Director will lead the development and implementation of a Country Strategy that focuses on sustainable WASH Services for poor and marginalised people; innovative approaches and technologies to accelerate universal access; an enabling environment to fulfil the right to WASH for those most in need; hygiene behaviour change to optimize the health benefit of access to safe water and adequate sanitation; and improved sector governance.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provide strong strategic leadership to the country team to promote a management culture that is supportive, empowering and collaborative.
  • Lead, manage and motivate a team, creating an environment that enables staff to maximise their potential and facilitates high performing and collaborative teams.
  • Develop and deliver the Country Strategy in line with WaterAid’s Global Strategy, collaborating with colleagues from across WaterAid to enhance relationships and ensure effective organisational working.
  • Ensure the successful delivery of all multiyear plans and budgets with accountability for WaterAid’s financial resources; transparent management and reporting.
  • Represent WaterAid externally; ensuring that WaterAid’s vision, mission, values and aims are communicated in a positive and compelling way.
  • Facilitate relationships between sector stakeholders to support the development of the sector.
  • As a member of the Global and Regional leadership teams of WaterAid, contribute to organisational effectiveness and development.
  • Ensure that the CP has Integrated Rights, Equity and Inclusion in its work, as well as being a diverse and inclusive place to work.
  • Stay aware of local funding context and identify appropriate opportunities to increase income in conjunction with the Regional Director and the Strategic Funding Unit.
  • Develop a thorough understanding of the external environment, identifying and managing risk and ensuring appropriate health and safety and security procedures are in place.
  • Ensure that WaterAid’s global policies are adapted to the country context and adhered to; representing WaterAid’s stated global positions on key development issues.

Skills and Experience

You will be expected to demonstrate your strengths in:

  • Leadership and Management: Experience of managing a country programme, uniting and inspiring a team to open a new chapter and deliver the WaterAid Burkina Faso strategy
  • Advocacy: Has helped citizens to claim their rights and question inequalities in society, as well as being able to engage government and work on policy
  • Rights and inequality: understands and has made a difference to inequality, with a particular focus on gender
  • WASH sector knowledge: has a sound knowledge of issues connected with sanitation, water security and WASH in schools
  • Networking: Experience building networks and partnerships; ideally with existing networks in Burkina Faso including government and other WASH stakeholders