Finding leaders who are at the forefront of driving social change


Transformative leadership

We seek and discover leaders for top roles at change-making organisations around the world.

As rapid economic, political and social transformations present tough challenges for foundations, nonprofits, and social businesses, we identify leaders who can adapt and thrive in this new context.

Our global, multilingual team comes from Asia, Europe, Africa and North and South America. We are proud of our track record of placing candidates from the global South and emerging economies.

Our rigorous process is informed by research, networks and expertise. That is why we have completed over 440 successful searches across more than 70 countries since our founding in 2009.


What we will bring to the table

  • Persistence & Creativity
    We do not give up. You might be looking for a leader to do something particularly challenging; we will keep looking until we find your candidate.
  • Communication
    Our style is friendly, clear and organised. This is vital for both maintaining healthy relationships and managing successful recruitment processes.
  • Diversity & Inclusion
    We seek out and support diversity. Expanding our understanding of what diversity, equity and inclusion mean in different contexts is part of our daily work.
  • Global Perspective & Human Approach
    We listen. We try to understand your specific organisational culture and identify candidates that are representative of the communities they are serving. 
  • Trust, Transparency & Integrity
    Executive search is a delicate process. We treat both our clients and candidates with respect and confidentiality. Our process is structured, fair and transparent.
  • Empowerment
    We want our candidates to be at their best. Throughout the process, we offer feedback and coaching and take candidates on a journey of professional growth.