Written by Mission Talent Team

Un-Learning: DEI

After some years of implementing DEI training, principles and a full range of strategies in our organisations, it is clear that the standard approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion does not fit us all. At Mission Talent, we are embarking on a journey of redefining these key DEI concepts that we believe are outdated and need improvement.

We are pleased to invite you to a webinar where we seek to challenge the traditional DEI definitions – often influenced by a single geographical perspective. Together, we want to explore the need to craft our individual and organisational DEI formula that is flexible enough to align with our distinct organisational cultures, team members, and strategic goals.

We will delve into the potential of localising our DEI efforts and bring well-being as a key element, recognising that diversity and belonging cannot be standardised.

By attending this webinar, we will take a step towards embracing a DEI approach that is as diverse as inclusive. Join us in this unlearning journey to embrace our tailored definitions of diversity, equity, and inclusion (and all letters that follow).

Date: 06.12.2023
Time: 17:00 CEST
Duration: 2 hours

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We look forward to exploring this topic with you.